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My 5 Favorite Mascaras for Minimalist But Flirty Lashes

Join my quest for the perfect Bambi eyes.

Since I’ve tested upwards of 100 mascaras in my time as a beauty editor, I’ve grown more and more picky with my favorites. The combo I seek is a tricky one—it has to give lift and curl without looking too thick or va-va-voom. Those types of formulas I save for my weekends, when I want to resemble a disco princess (complete with glitter eyeshadow and oodles of highlighter). It can’t melt down my face by 3:00 PM or flake off and land in my newly Lasik-ed eyeballs. My lashes should look flirty without being the main focus on my face—that’s reserved for my brows. Am I high-maintenance? Perhaps. But minimalist lash fanatics know what I’m talking about, and trust me, those mascaras do exist. These five are a few of my current go-tos.

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Le Volume Stretch de CHANEL Mascara, $35

CHANEL mascaras always seemed to be the pinnacle of getting pretty lashes, and you know what? It’s true. The secret in this case is the 3-D printed brush, which has micro bristles and a hollow core to stretch and curl your lashes to your heart’s content. I get all the length I crave from a mascara without over-fattening the individual lashes.
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