The Easiest Way to Build Your Forever-Wardrobe

In collaboration with American Giant.

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Whether you’re regularly consuming fashion media or casually scrolling TikTok, you’re likely aware that vintage is the name of the game right now. While the reasons we love to shop preowned are many—the thrill of the hunt, individuality, the possibility of a mythical designer find—the aspects of sustainability and quality of garments have been two significant drivers of the rise in vintage shopping. It sounds cliche, but there is truth to the sentiment “they don’t make clothes like they used to”—at least when discussing the offerings available at affordable prices. These often fall under the fast-fashion category in which the supply chain can be described as murky at best.

The ideas of restoring the care and process to ensure quality and supply chain ethics were the foundation of California-born American Giant, a brand that creates each product with the hope its wearability will someday warrant the label of “vintage.” The brand implements painstaking attention to detail in truly every aspect of its offerings, from its fully USA-based supply chain to its extremely thorough design process for pieces like the signature No-BS Pant (which went through testing by 65 different women!) to the self-explanatory Greatest Hoodie Ever Made. American Giant creates its garments with the mission of no piece ever ending up in a landfill, with quality standing the test of time, and style transcending beyond trends and into the realm of instant classics to live in your forever wardrobe.

Check out a few of our favorites below to see for yourself why shopping American Giant should be right up there with your wear-forever finds.

No-BS Pant

A brand signature with a cult following, the pieces from the No-BS collection keep selling out for a reason. Promising to be “soft, yet structured, and more versatile than any leggings you’ve worn before,” the original pant is the brand’s most popular, with the No-BS Kick Flare and new addition No-BS High Rise variations following closely behind.

American Giant

Classic Full Zip

How cute is this hoodie with bike shorts? I feel like this look was made for going on a hike in L.A.—which I have never done, but you know the vibe I’m talking about. Aesthetics aside, American Giant is showing off its signature quality-based attention to detail with this “greatest hoodie ever,” featuring a double-lined hood and reinforced elbow patches to reduce wear and tear. Genius.

American Giant

Moto Full Zip

Not a hoodie girl? Bring in the Moto Full Zip. I tend to opt for slimmer fit jackets when pairing with leggings or to and from the gym, and this piece offers the streamlined look while ensuring major warmth. Bonus: There are several limited-edition colorways available (think muted and gorgeous).

American Giant

Classic Sweatpant

American Giant set out to offer an update to your college sweatpant by pairing utility and comfort in this piece. Who are we kidding, you can never have too many pairs of sweatpants —especially when they’re designed to last forever. An instant add to cart.

American Giant

American Midweight Crew

Dying over this limited-edition Azure Sage color, which is probably the hue that your crewneck collection is missing. Such a perfect way to cycle a pick-me-up color into your everyday winter wardrobe, and it will obviously be a no-brainer for spring.

American Giant
$80 $60


If you’re not ready to dive headfirst into the navy and black style, allow us to suggest dipping your toe by way of outerwear. Pair this ultra-durable beanie with the black coat that you probably already own, and you’ll be well on your way. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the low-key look of the Shop Beanie works for both days on the slopes and chilly trips out to your bodega.

American Giant
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