4 Styling Tricks Your Ankles Will Thank You For

Don’t sleep on your socks.

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Like much else in life, most of us have a pattern when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Socks, underwear, bra—I’ll name it and you’re likely wearing it (and if you’re not, kudos). These are the foundations of whatever look we decide to put on, and we usually put them on in a specific order. I’m partial to socks first, and they will most likely be white; and on a good day, they’ll even match. And while I’ve always been a big fan of socks—comfortable, low lift, low cost—I’ve never put much thought into them until now. For the sake of experimentation and as the result of being heavily influenced by the *it-girls of Instagram,* I decided to venture outside my undergarment comfort zone and invest in a bright red pair. And once I did, I was hooked. The final result? Don’t sleep on your socks or how they can elevate any outfit.

A Pop of Pattern


I’m a big stripe girl through and through, and it’s safe to say that these striped socks from Kule changed my life. I was heavily influenced by this photo of Harling Ross matching her socks to her sweater and still think about it almost daily. This pair instantly makes any look more fun and elevates the excitement of an exposed ankle tenfold. It was a little warmer on this day so I opted for a skirt, but a plain sweater and classic pair of jeans no longer makes for a simple look when you add striped socks. And it doesn’t have to stop there—I’m going to dip a toe into polka dots on my next shopping trip.

Bold & Bright


When temps begin to cool and your sandals retire for the season, socks can sometimes seem like a chore. My best advice for getting you and your socks out of a relationship rut is to try something new, which is exactly what I did with this red pair from Comme Si. My ankles no longer feel like an afterthought and have now become the main event, which is an entirely new phenomenon thanks to the brighter hue. Wear them under a cropped pant with a shoe that cuts at the base of the ankle, like a simple flat or a loafer. Your look will thank you.

The Classic White


I’m no stranger to a classic white sock, but usually aim to hide them rather than keep them on display. Much like the laws of layering, an exposed sock somehow adds a bit of polish below the knee that I never knew I needed. I’m pairing mine with strappy flats, adding a bit of warmth and a chicer finish. When it warms up a bit, I plan to ditch the pants but keep the socks—they look great with a classic loafer and a mini skirt.

A Nod to Neutrals


A neutral sock goes with everything—boots, flats, loafers, you name it. They’re a budget-friendly equivalent of a luxe basic tee and can be the foundation of a seriously great outfit. They somehow perfect the “I just threw this on but somehow look effortless and chic” type of look, and welcome your seasonal shoes to the year-round party. I usually only wear low-cut flats in the spring and summer, but thanks to my newfound favorite accessory, my ankles are warm and my spirits are high.

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