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21 Holiday Decor Pieces That Actually Look Chic—Never Cheesy

‘Tis the season, but make it stylish.

By: Isabella Sarlija

For most of us, the holidays are looking mighty different this year. And unfortunately, if you don’t have the opportunity to go home and see friends and family, you might also be missing those nostalgic seasonal decorations. Admittedly, sometimes your parents’ or loved ones’ decor picks err on the side of (how can we say this nicely?)...gaudy. No hate at all—we appreciate how much our families love their interior design choices. But would we choose those pieces for ourselves? Perhaps not.

So, in the spirit of celebrating wherever you are this year, we’ve decided to bring some of that holiday cheer into our own homes (however shoebox-sized they may be). But we’re also aiming to avoid having our apartments look like a cheesy holiday card for a solid month. To save you from having outdated decorations ruin your otherwise stylish interior design, we’ve curated 21 holiday decor pieces that won’t make your apartment look like the set of a 90s holiday movie.

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