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14 Friends of Coveteur on What They’re Splurging on During Quarantine

Sometimes the best things in life are also the simplest.

It has been established that we’re in some strange times. And though it might be tempting to bolt the door and shut everything down until things appear a little safer out there, we’ve been finding going into the world (with masks on, thank you!) and embracing the day has made all the difference in establishing a little normalcy.

The same can be said for our little splurge items. It might not seem like much, but for my boyfriend and I, lots of nutritious, high-quality food has been key to getting through this year with some semblance of our dignity intact. Our most recent haul included farm-fresh peaches, a basil plant that quickly died, way too much goat cheese, and, um, two watermelons. (We would have gotten three, but I was talked down from the ledge.)

This got us thinking: What are our friends splurging on? So we asked around: What’s the number one thing you’ve been buying during quarantine that genuinely makes you feel a little better?


purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Grace Harry
“Wellness tools like the Biomat or chi machine, and music! I’m also making daily playlists for different vibes, since my office, playroom, imaginary vacations, etc., are now all happening in my home. I use playlists to create different experiences.”

Writer and curator Legacy Russell, author of Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto and the Associate Curator of Exhibitions at The Studio Museum in Harlem

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Mina Alyeshmerni
“I’m an obsessive collector of books—art books and Black and queer poetry, in particular—but really, my love of print material is epic, a funny fact about me given my ongoing work and research on new media and the internet. And bath salts—the only way I am making it through this is with my books and my baths.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Clarissa Egaña
“Flowers and flower vases—I’ve never spent so much on them! In order to feel our best at home, I have developed this new hobby, because I love arranging them with my kids and enjoy the touch of color and hope, which to me are priceless.”

Chana Ginelle Ewing, founder and CEO of Geenie

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Luis Garcia
“I’ve been splurging on entertainment subscriptions. I’m currently subscribed to YouTube TV, Netflix, and Hulu, and although they offer endless content choices, they also run me a monthly line item that I hate to see. But heaven forbid I find myself without a good series to sink into in this moment! TV is fulfilling a legit need for a little escapism during lockdown.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Josephine Musco
“For me, this has been a good time to get organized, clear unwanted energy, and most important, take care of myself. That being said, self-care items have been my top splurge. I have been investing in everything that is for the betterment of my skin, health, and overall immune system.

“In the end, investing in oneself is the most lucrative way to spend our time and money, whether it’s healthful foods, beauty tools, exercise, teas, meditation, etc. When we take care of ourselves, we’re able to better take care of our loved ones, sustain a peaceful life, and lead with an open heart and serendipitous energy.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Mayssa Chehata
“Therapy! Therapy can sometimes feel like an easy line item to cut from your budget for some quick savings. But during this pandemic, even if I felt like I was holding things together on the surface level, there is so much underlying stress and anxiety. Ive found therapy to be a place to tune into[...], an outlet to release some of that [grief and pain].

“Also, gifts—Im admittedly a terrible gift giver. Im the person who defaults to gift cards. But during quarantine, if I saw something on Instagram that I loved and made me think of someone, Id order it for them. It was a great way to support small and Black-owned businesses and hopefully put a smile on someone’s face.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Sam Kelman
“Books. And more books. I’ve been stockpiling them even when I know I have nowhere enough time to read the amount of books I’ve accumulated. But I want to remember what I’m thinking and how that thinking has taken form, what object it has manifested. I’m not sure if this is considered a splurge or a necessity; I guess it depends on how you look at it. Oh, and ice cream.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Amy Voloshin
“Art has been one of my favorite things to splurge on over the past few months. I’ve been seeing so much great art on Instagram, either through discovering new artists or following along with my creative friends as they make new work. It’s been exciting to add special, one-of-a kind paintings to some of the blank nooks in our house. I just purchased pieces from Mary Maguire and Lee Ann Scotto Adams, both of whom I love.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Muhga Eltigani
“The one thing that I tend to treat myself to regularly, that always puts a smile on my face, is bubble tea. There’s a place that sells bubble tea directly across the street from where I live, and I am obsessed! Little does this bubble tea shop know that they’ve helped me tremendously with coping with this new norm.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Maria Dueñas Jacobs
“I’ve personally been coveting luxury sweats by Pangaia. I especially love their yellow… The bright pop of color lifts my spirits and makes me feel optimistic and hopeful as I navigate my new(ish) remote work/life balance.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Kristin O’Keeffe Merrick
“I always try to be honest in my answers—so the first thing I ‘splurged’ on during quarantine was good alcohol. We love good tequila and mezcal in this house, so we drink quite a bit of Casa Dragones tequila and Yola Mezcal.

“I’ve also ‘rediscovered’ gin, thanks to the female-founded Pomp & Whimsy—who knew gin could be so versatile? And, of course, when it comes to wine, I’m well stocked with Hall Wines, also a house favorite. I’ve also purchased a few pieces of fun jewelry from Mignonne Gavigan—I got leopard earrings, for God’s sake! Fun earrings change my mood and make me feel less sad.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Abby Morgan
“I allow myself to splurge on groceries to throw multiple-course dinner parties for two. I cooked a lot pre-pandemic, but have really kicked it up a notch using The New York Times cooking app to learn new recipes and skills in the kitchen.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Kenyata Gant
“The one thing I’ve allowed myself to splurge on regularly during quarantine has been shoes! I had packages coming to my home every other week, which is absolutely crazy—because during [the lockdown part of] quarantine, we couldn’t leave the house for me to even wear the shoes. I’m still staring at my closet like, ‘When am I going to wear all these shoes?’ My husband was not too fond of this.”

purchases during quarantinePhoto: Courtesy of Priscilla Tsai
“I’ve been allowing myself to splurge on more naps! I never used to be able to nap—with a million things going on in my mind, napping always seemed impossible… I’ve given myself more room for 20-minute naps in the late afternoon or early evening, especially when I know I’ll be working into the night. I only need 20 minutes to feel refreshed and get back to it, and I’ve been so proud of myself for taking this time!”

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