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The Definitive Guide to Working Out at Home

All the best classes from our favorite studios.

at-home workouts
Raise your hand if you’re ready to resume normal life! For this writer, working from my home office full-time is the norm, but that’s accented by daily trips to the outside world—Pilates, dinners with friends, afternoon espresso interludes, walks through the neighborhood with my wallet. But all of that is on hold right now, because Pilates is closed, we have to stay six feet from our friends, coffee shops are shuttered, and wallets are temporarily unnecessary because no one is going into any stores.

Though I am still taking daily walks and runs through North Brooklyn, some people don’t have the luxury of going outside at all right now, especially those with serious immune issues who live in urban areas. Even those of us who are still braving it in the great outdoors still need a little supplementation—running and walking is lovely, but I’m used to near-daily Pilates, and I am jonesing for my routine.

But—not to worry. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite studios that offer online workouts, and the list is impressive. Lots of studios are making their first forays into the digital fitness world (hi, New York Pilates!), and though we’d personally rather make the trek to these boutique studios to take an IRL class, we’re super grateful that there’s another option in these troubling times.

Ahead, discover our favorite online studios—because we don’t know about you, but we’re not giving up on our fitness just because we’re stuck inside 75 hours a day.


at-home workouts

Dance your ass off from the comfort of your own home. Plus: No one will notice when you completely bungle the routine. Minus: You’re not surrounded by other confused dancers, and you can’t riff on their energy. Either way, DanceBody is a blast in person or at home, and we’re so grateful they offer online classes. They’re offering 50 percent off for your first month.

Modo Yoga

North Brooklyn’s favorite hot yoga studio has moved all their classes online for the moment, and they’re all free, or, for those who can afford to pay, by donation. For those of us who live in NYC and have out-of-control radiators (not me anymore, but I’ve been there), it might already feel like a sauna in your apartment. If not, you can always crank the heat up to really feel as though you’re in Modo in person—or just, you know, enjoy the yoga at a normal temp.

New York Pilates

This is one of our go-to studios, and though they haven’t launched classes yet, founder Heather Andersen announced this week that NYP would be temporarily closing all studios and going digital very soon. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait.

Yoga Works

The New York–based studio offers tons of online classes and even offers a free trial for those of us who aren’t fully on board with the idea of om-ing solo.

at-home workouts
Ballet Beautiful

Plié your way through this crisis with these ~v~ elegant online classes. You might emerge from all this a few shades paler (for various reasons), but at least your muscles will be longer and leaner. Use the code BBMARCH20 to get your first month for $16.99.

Alo Yoga

Alo offers unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation classes from their very sleek platform, and they, too, offer a free trial. Their classes even include skills-based sessions—now’s the time to learn how to do a handstand or stretch into splits, amirite?

Popsugar Fitness

With kickboxing, Zumba, and something known as a “Pilates bikini workout,” Popsugar features a variety of guest fitness teachers doing what they do best. I did a 25-minute Pilates class featuring Amy Jordan of WundaBar Pilates (with studios in NY and CA) on one of my first days of self-quarantine (or what I’m calling “quarantine-lite”), and I found it to be an OK challenge if you’re looking for something short and sweet.


Speaking of WundaBar Pilates, you can keep it tight thanks to their plentiful online classes. They’re offering a seven-day free trial and 40 percent off subscriptions with the code WUNDAFIRST. If you don’t know, now you know.

at-home workouts

With offerings including a “14-day quarantine workout plan,” the coronavirus is really giving Blogilates an opportunity to shine. The online platform is chock-full of toning exercises you can do from home, so roll out that yoga mat and get to work on your abs, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Yoga with Adriene

This YouTube channel boasts six million subscribers and tons of videos, from a “30 days of yoga” challenge to whatever a “yoga kiss” might be. Namaste.

Core Power Yoga

This studio is releasing a collection of online classes for free, to get you and yours through the coronavirus. They’re adding new classes every week, so—stay tuned, literally.


Oh, you thought Peloton is only for those of us fancy enough to have a Peloton bike at home? Nope. They offer yoga, meditation, strength, cycling, running, and other classes through their app, and it’s free for 90 days right now.


This is your one-stop shop to all things boutique fitness. Including studios like ModelFIT, Bari, the Woom, and many others, pop in here to ensure you won’t get bored WOAH (that’s working out at home, duh). See you guys on the digital mat.

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