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9 Dance Cardio Moves You Should Take to the Dance Floor

Or bring the dance floor to your workout.

dance cardio moves
Alec Kugler
Whatever you fancy, whether it’s a workout or a dance session, or have an affinity for both, we found an exercise routine that checks all those boxes. Founder of DanceBody in NYC Katia Pryce put together some heart-pumping and toning moves that look so good, you could bring them to the dance floor. Or, better yet, you bring the dance floor to your living room. Either way, it’s a win-win double whammy.

Move #1
Pop + Press

dance cardio moves
“Pop your chest forward while bringing your hands back. Then press one arm to the side as you pop your chest again.”

Move #2
Diagonal Dip

dance cardio moves
“With your hands behind your head, push your hip up and out on one side. Then bring it down and out to the opposite side, sitting your weight into your heel.”

Move #3
Hip Twist

dance cardio moves
“Standing with one leg in front, with your knee open to the side, twist your hip inward and move it upward. Then bring the hip back down and open your knee.”

Move #4
Full-Body Roll

dance cardio moves
“With your hands clasped overhead, wave your body into a roll starting from the top, floating to the bottom. Push your chest, naval, and hips forward, and then allow them to fall backward.”

Move #5
Back Into It

dance cardio moves
“With one arm stretched out, push your upper body down towards the floor, and then allow it to roll back up, starting with your head.”

Move #6
Disco Pull

dance cardio moves
“With one arm stretched overhead and one arm stretched to your side, pull the high arm up and down. Let your hips follow that action.”

Move #7
Crazy Legs

dance cardio moves
“Bending your knees, with your legs together, invert your legs in and out on the balls of your feet, and open one arm, then the other.”

Move #8
Sock It To Me

dance cardio moves
“Put on those socks! Lift one knee up high so that you can reach both hands toward your foot.”

Move #9
Hi-Lo Hips

dance cardio moves
“Roll your hips around once low with knees bent; roll them around again with your knees straight, and with your hands behind your head.”

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