The Simple Things

The One Date Tayshia Adams Won't Ever Cancel

"It's a massive priority that I do not compromise on anymore."


Madison Utendahl Wants to Change the Way We Think About Work

"Burnout is not a glory badge. It does not lead to creativity."


Why My Breast Augmentation Surgery Was Liberating—And Just for Me

Helecia Williams put off her surgery for years, until she booked it without telling anyone. In collaboration with MENTOR®.


Chinae Alexander Embraces Body Confidence in Her Everyday Life

“We are never going to wake up on our deathbed and wish we’d worried about our ass more.” In collaboration with MENTOR®.

The Simple Things

The Sakara Life Founders on Finding Balance Without Sacrificing Joy

"Imbalance is when you're not doing any of the things that bring you joy because you're afraid you're going to fall off the wagon."


Why Breastfeeding Inspired Me to Get a Breast Augmentation

“We have consent and choice in everything that we do in life, and that includes cosmetic surgery.” In collaboration with MENTOR®.


How Coveteur Staffers Unwind After a Long Day

You can never go wrong with putting on a face mask and lighting up a candle.

Love And Sex

This Sexuality Doula Wants You to Reimagine Pleasure

"I am constantly wanting to encourage folks to take orgasm off the table."

What We Want Right Now
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Sunday Clarifying Shampoo

Triple Lipid Restore

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Self-Care in a Post-'Roe' World: How People Are Coping With the Loss of Abortion Rights

“It’s not about protecting the unborn. It’s about control. And that is what makes this so difficult to process.”


Can You Really Hack Your Health?

"Biohacking" is a buzzword that's been circling around the beauty and wellness spaces, but it's not as sci-fi as it sounds.

The Simple Things

Maude Founder Éva Goicochea on Navigating Sexual Wellness and the Power of Intimacy

"I've always thought of sexual wellness as something that makes you feel connected to yourself and your body. It can't be something you compartmentalize and feel guilty or ashamed about."


My Pregnancy Passport: 8 Epic Destinations in 9 Months

I skipped the “babymoon” and ventured to these bucket list destinations instead—here’s what I learned.

The Simple Things

Why Elyse Fox Won’t Log on to Instagram Before Noon

The Sad Girls Club founder on setting social media boundaries and teaching her parents about self-care.

The Simple Things

Kristie Dash on Slowing Down, Spiraling Thoughts, and Living in the Moment

"When I made the decision to leave New York during the pandemic to prioritize family and space, I realized I had tunnel vision for over a decade."


Sleep Tourism Will Be One of the Biggest 2022 Travel Trends

Catch some Zzz’s on your next getaway.


AAPI-Founded Brands to Support Now and Always

With products ranging from lip gloss to hot sauce.

The Simple Things

Peloton Instructor Tunde Oyeneyin Is All About Soul Care

"Self-care is looked at as this luxurious thing, but when you replace it with soul care, these things become acts that you’re doing for the good of your soul."

The Simple Things

Stephanie Shepherd on Navigating Grief, Unpacking the Past, and Finding Peace

“After everything that happened in 2020, globally and personally, I shifted my focus to prioritizing mental wellness.”

Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Disappoint

From once-in–a-lifetime adventures to cookie subscriptions, here are the perfect gift ideas to win Mother’s Day.


How This At-Home Test Helped Get Rid Of My Constant Bloating

Viome’s microbiome test promises to solve chronic diseases.


What It's Really Like To Be 40+ and Pregnant

The inside details about pregnancy and birth, from four inspiring moms.


How These Female Founders Found Success

Their best advice, here.


Wellness Gives Kelly Wearstler the Foundation to Uphold Her Busy Schedule

These are the essentials she can’t live without.

The Simple Things

This Author Thrives on Her 4am Wake Up Time & Setting Clear Boundaries

Tahereh Mafi on the habits and rituals that help her find calm amidst the chaos.


14 Must-Haves From Our Favorite Female-Founded Brands

In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s time to celebrate and shop these female-led companies.


Your Smile Is The Latest Anti-Aging Frontier

Experts breakdown the science behind anti-aging dentistry.


This Brand Wants To Help You Offset Your Not-So Sustainable Daily Pleasures

Think extra-long showers, food delivery, and your avocado obsession.


The Founder of The Darkest Hue on Creating a Digital Safe Space for Black Women

Tigidankay Saccoh opens up about facilitating conversations around colorism and the self-care practices that are keeping her grounded.


A Journey Towards Self- Love

An editor shares her story on growth and self-love.