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We Tried It: The Fountain of Youth (a.k.a. Modern Age’s Aging Wellness Assessment)

“Aging gracefully” means embracing my personal style, leaning into cool mom Instagram captions, and being proactive about my health. Enter: Modern Age.

We Tried It
Collage of Modern Age in Flatiron New York

Don’t judge, but I avoided going to a general practitioner for years. I was perfectly content using Dr. Google to self-diagnose any health ailment imaginable. For a while, I decided that if I didn’t act like I was getting older, I wouldn’t. My singular strands of gray hair, fine lines, anxiety, and growing fatigue didn’t deter me from my crop tops and “cool mom” Instagram captions. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, many of the negative aspects of aging, including increased anxiety, are avoidable and reversible with a proactive approach to health. Enter: Modern Age.

As I approached 35, I incorrectly self-diagnosed myself with throat cancer when I caught my toddler’s strep throat before a standard throat culture brought me back to reality. Weeks later, I was still anxious about my own physical and mental well-being when I walked past “Modern Age” in the Flatiron District. I realized that I was limiting my optimal health by solely seeking medical services only when I was sick. So, I set out to optimize my health, overcome my anxiety, and improve my skin quality from the inside out.

Newsflash: Healthy aging is the new quiet luxury for those of us in our mid-thirties. Aging gracefully starts from within and a comprehensive review of your “subjective age” can offer a series of optimizations for your life. I just opted for a proactive health screening and I’m more in control of my aging process now than ever before (and it turns out that my anxiety was exacerbated by a vitamin D deficiency that I now have a treatment for).

Modern Age Interior
Modern Age Interior

What is Modern Age?

Modern Age is a longevity-focused health clinic for anyone who wants to take control of their aging and optimize their health. Located in the Flatiron District and Upper East Side of New York, it has everything you might need from the myriad of doctors you’d otherwise have to visit one by one. From your postpartum sexual wellness and hormone needs to your next microneedling appointment–Modern Age covers it all with their team of board-certified clinicians. So, I tapped the leader in holistic wellness for a comprehensive panel that would cover every aspect of my life and deliver on my ultimate goal: to feel 29 again.

Modern Age isn’t just your average doctor’s office–it’s an oasis in the middle of Manhattan that I would have spent all day visiting if I didn’t have to head back to the office. Its waiting room is complete with the research-backed supplements and skincare solutions that its physicians support, and the interior decor sits at the intersection of medicine and meditation. It might just be my favorite place to go now in New York.

Since a proactive and holistic approach to my well-being was the key to fully thriving into my thirties, I started with Modern Age’s Aging Wellness Assessment, known for its:

  • 55 blood marker analysis
  • Metabolic health & BMI assessment
  • Brain function evaluation
  • Subjective age assessment
  • Bone density scan
  • One-Hour Diagnostic review

Above all, Modern Age is a leader in holistic wellness, offering assessments, treatments, and services that support healthy aging inside and out. So, I signed on to finally combat my doctor-phobia with more knowledge than ever about my mind, body, skin, and overall well-being. After only two appointments, I had an entirely new way to approach my health and skincare concerns.

What is the Aging Wellness Assessment like?

Modern Age’s Aging Wellness assessment starts with an in-clinic blood test and bone density scan. After having two kids and multiple OBGYN blood draws, the appointment was quick and painless. I felt a pinch from the blood draw and enjoyed cooling gel from the bone density scanner– a welcome reprieve from the humidity of a New York summer.

From there, I took an 18-minute at-home cognitive function test, which was actually kind of fun. I was also told not to worry about any preliminary results until I met with my Modern Age physician to review them.

To evaluate and optimize the cosmetic aspects of my skincare, I also submitted a few well-lit photos and detailed my lifestyle habits and skin quality concerns. Like the diligent overachiever I am, I finally took a few personal notes on the “signs of aging” I wanted to discuss with my clinician during my 1-hour review. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a subjective age score of 33–I felt like I had been carrying all of the anxiety and fine lines of someone twice my age and couldn’t wait to optimize towards an even healthier, vibrant version of myself.

It’s important to note that I’m not against aging, but in doing this, I’ve learned that I’m certainly a proponent of aging well. I’m also ready to embrace the changes that come in different stages of life. But, after trying 4 different face moisturizers and still struggling with skin texture, I’m not opposed to cosmetic dermatological intervention. Beyond that, after maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise, I was open to considering any supplements that would help me offset my anxiety or yield any additional health benefits that I wasn’t getting from physical activity alone. Throughout this assessment, I felt empowered for the first time in years to take control over my physical and mental health–and I didn’t even have a treatment plan yet!

Modern Age Interior

What I learned from Modern Age’s Aging Wellness Assessment:

Dr. Vinjamoor, Modern Age’s Chief Medical Officer,started our diagnostic review by retracing all of my concerns that brought me in the door in the first place. First, we walked through all of the data and then developed a plan to deliver on my aging wellness goals.

During this review, I learned that Modern Age’s blood panel is markedly unique. Unlike other panels that would simplify results into 2 categories–normal or abnormal–Modern Age identifies a sub-set for every marker: optimal. The plan we developed would ideally bring me back to optimal ranges for every marker over the course of time. I didn’t have to settle for a sub-par “average” or “normal range” anymore.

The most pressing and immediate sub-optimal marker for me was my vitamin D range. The foundational nutrient supports bone health, immune response, and brain function. It was not only the likely cause of my growing anxiety but also the easiest to treat with a series of vitamin D injections (over-the-counter supplements have inefficient absorption). There were a few secondary optional supplements the doctor outlined to further optimize everything from long-term hormone to thyroid function, and an optional neurofeedback therapy solution that I could use to improve my sleep quality and mental health.

When it came to my skincare routine, we created a plan to dial the clock back a few years with the help of tretinoin, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and sunscreen. But, I was the most excited to try microneedling with PRP, which the doctor recommended to jumpstart collagen production in the areas of my face that I felt had lost elasticity after having two kids. The only question I still had about the said plan at the end of this diagnostic review was, “How soon can I start?”

Now, to me aging gracefully means embracing my personal style, leaning into cool mom Instagram captions, and being proactive about my health. I’ll be back to see Dr. Vinjamoori and evaluate the efficacy of my aging wellness treatment plan every six months, and I couldn’t be more ready.

Shop and explore my assessment and treatment plan from Modern Age here.


Modern Age

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