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Meet the Hospitality Consultant Who Spends $2,000 on Beauty and Wellness Treatments Each Month

From a monthly lymphatic massage to biweekly pilates classes.

Meet the Hospitality Consultant Who Spends $2,000 on Beauty and Wellness Treatments Each Month
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Welcome to Wellness Receipts, where we explore how real people integrate their beauty rituals and wellness routines into their everyday lives—and what it all costs. In each piece, we ask one anonymous person about their routines, habits, and monthly beauty- and wellness-related expenses. This week, we’re talking to a freelance hospitality consultant who makes $375,000 per year.

JOB: Freelance Consultant

INDUSTRY: Hospitality

AGE: 31 years old

LOCATION: New York City



What does wellness mean to you? Has your relationship to wellness changed over the years?

“I was an athlete growing up, and I walked onto my college’s tennis team, so I was hyper-focused on training, and it was centered on cardio and lifting heavy weights. Then, when you stop playing a sport, your body transforms. I wasn’t the happiest, at times, with my body post-college, but in the past three years, I’ve discovered routines and rituals that have worked for me and gotten me back to a place where I feel super confident in who I am, internally and externally.

“I’m Persian, so the treatments I did get were laser [hair removal] treatments because my mom gifted them to me in high school, as well as facials. But those two things didn’t fill up all my buckets, so I wanted to figure out what else was out there. I’ve tried everything. If there’s a thing to try, I’ve tried it, from the low to the high end, to understand where the sweet spot is. Now I have a stable treatment routine that I do monthly or even weekly that I feel really confident about, and I think it's worth the investment.”


“I go to Natural Pilates, and I do a monthly membership where I get eight classes a month. I usually add on an additional class, and it’s around $340 for eight or nine classes. I also have a personal trainer who comes to my gym. I pay a small fee of $50 a month for my apartment gym, and I see my personal trainer once a week for $80 a session.

“Up until probably three years ago, I'd never done pilates, and now I'm a pilates addict. I’d never done low-impact workouts, and now I’ve come to realize that’s something that’s important to me.”

COST: $710

Facial Treatments

“I get a monthly HydraFacial, and I spend around $200 on that treatment. I’m obsessed with my dermatologist—his name is Dr. Dhingra, and he’s at Spring Street Dermatology. He’s my one-stop shop—he does everything for me. I pay a $35 copay when I go see him. When I get Botox, which I do once every four months, I spend around $500.”

COST: $360

Body Treatments

“During dry months, I’ll get a body scrub once a month. I spend $150. I go to Tribeca Spa Tranquility, and I love it there. I find it really soothing, plus I just think that New York is really dirty. You collect a lot of dead skin, and that’s what the scrub is about. When you come out, you feel completely renewed.

“I started getting a monthly colonic about five years ago. I see Elanit at Hila Colonic in Soho and it’s $150 a session. She’s amazing. I don’t have digestion problems anymore, I don’t struggle with gas or bloating, and I don’t feel tired, thanks to her.

“I also see a woman named Julia for a monthly massage that costs $150. It’s a combination of lymphatic and deep tissue; she really focuses on opening up and draining your lymph nodes rather than aggressively rubbing you to make you look skinny. She has such a tender touch.

“I had neck pain, and I didn’t know how to fix it, so I started going to Dey Chiropractic. I go once a week, and my copay is $35. The chiropractor sees you first, then they do physical therapy, give you a massage, and finish the session off with acupuncture.”

COST: $590

Hair Treatments

“My hair is so thick that sometimes I get tired of doing it myself, so I go to Hair Philosophy for a blowout and a deep conditioning treatment once a month, which costs around $100. It’s affordable, and I trust the stylists there.”

COST: $100

Nail Treatments

“Because I work in restaurants, I get my nails cleaned up, but I don’t get any color. I’m not super specific about where I go for a mani-pedi, but I get them monthly, and it usually costs around $65.”

COST: $65

Beauty Products

“I buy my beauty products at Sephora, and I probably spend around $120 on my monthly haul.”

COST: $120

Medication and Supplements

“I spend $40 a month on medication that my psychiatrist prescribed me. I usually spend around $60 a month on supplements from Love Wellness—they’re amazing.”

COST: $100

TOTAL COST: $2,045

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