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17 Sustainable Fashion Brands We’re Shopping this Earth Month (& Long After)

These brands prove that style and sustainability do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Collage of Favorite Sustainable Products and Brands

Climate change doesn’t care how many Instagram likes your #ootd gets. Unless your shoes were crafted from recycled water bottles, it’s fair to say that Mother Earth is entirely at odds with your fashion addiction.

This Earth Month, we’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite B-Corp certified and environmentally-focused sustainable clothing brands that we’re shopping right now. While not every brand dedicated to a better future has the resources to secure a standard certification, we’ve identified those that consider the planet ahead of profits. Think: Recycled materials, post-consumer regeneration, made-to-order production, and zero-waste packaging.

These brands prove that style and sustainability do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Certified B-Corp Fashion & Jewelry Brands

Penelope Small Leather Clutch

Chlo\u00e9 Black Penelope Small Leather Clutch

Chloe recognizes climate change and prioritizes a reduction in carbon emissions, water usage, and more. This clutch is a low-impact luxury investment worth every cent. PS: Chloe is the first luxury brand to receive B-Corp certification–it is zeroing in on its production process and emerging as a changemaker.


Tree Pipers

Allbirds Tree Pipers

Allbirds is an industry leader known for its sustainable fabrics. The brand has singlehandedly reimagined the use of organic materials (wool, tree, Trino, TrinoXO)–and its minimalist must-have shoes are also created in certified factories. Sustainable materials might set Allbirds apart from other brands, but these sneakers crafted from eucalyptus tree fiber style seamlessly with everything.


My Earth Charm Necklace

Monica Rich Kosann My Earth Charm Necklace

Monica Rich Kosann achieved B-Corporation status in 2020. The brand’s curated collection of fine jewelry features ethically sourced diamonds, recycled precious metals, and responsible packaging. They monitor their supply chain with the Responsible Jewelry Council and we’ve fallen in love with this earth charm–a gem that carries that much more meaning from MRK.

Monica Rich Kosann

Good Skate Jeans

Good American Good Skate Jeans

Organic cotton, recycled materials, and eco-kind washes set Good American apart. It’s not greenwashing, just great denim.

Good American

Low Top Rio Branco Leather Shoes

Veja Low Top Rio Branco Leather Shoes

Veja believes in transparency. From their organic cotton certification to fair trade practices, their commitment to the environment is clear, Beyond that, we love that we’d never have to question the lifecycle of production behind these classic low-top sneakers.


Courbure Ring

Monarc Courbure Courbure Ring

Monarc proves that exquisite jewelry shouldn’t sacrifice working conditions, and pieces like this are crafted in small batches to avoid overproduction. Carbon-neutral packaging and a holistic focus on every element of design–from materials to manufacturing–make a ring like this really shine.

Monarc Courbure

Recycled Leather Cross-body Bag

Ganni Recycled Leather Cross-body Bag

Ganni uses the word responsibility in lieu of sustainability in recognition of the sheer impact consumerism will always have on the environment. With 7 levers of greenhouse gas reduction outlined through 2027, and a focus on the fashion industry’s carbon footprint, Ganni = goals. This leather cross-body bag is crafted from recycled materials–and it's amazing.


Sustainable Fashion Brands

Hora One Piece Knit Swimsuit

Deta Hora One Piece Knit Swimsuit

DETA is the newest sustainable swimwear brand on our radar. It merges fashion, tech, and sustainability. The knits pieces are woven from just two threads of yarn (and one thread of elastic)through a process of3D-knitting that is locally produced on-demand. This process reduces the risk of excess stock and waste; what is ordered is what's produced.


Lounge Ribbed Triangle Bralette

Harper Wilde Lounge Ribbed Triangle Bralette

This is arguably the most comfortable and environmentally-conscious bra on the planet. Each bra order from Harper Wilde comes with a recycling kit and to date, the brand has saved over 92,000 bras from landfills. In other words, a wardrobe staple like this both uplifts and upcycles all at once!

Harper Wilde

Compressive High-Rise Legging

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Legging

Girlfriend Collective is an activewear industry leader known for its eco-friendly packaging, upcycling of waste materials, and ReGirlfriend program. We love these high-rise leggings made from 25 recycled plastic bottles.

Girlfriend Collective

Leather Thong Sandals

Tkees Leather Thong Sandals

These sandals are affordable, comfortable, and responsibly produced. Above all, the brand avoids over-production and waste. Additionally they work with everything from loungewear to swimwear.


Cropped Faux Pearl Embellished Top

Reformation Cropped Faux Pearl Embellished Top

Reformation is a climate-neutral leader in the fashion industry, and they’ve achieved net-zero carbon emissions. This crop top is only one of about a million Reformation pieces in our carts.


Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands

Heart Dangling Ring

Cled Heart Dangling Ring

This ring features an upcycled Eco Gem repurposed from discarded glass bottles. CLED uses recycled materials, like discarded glass from windows or bottles, to create high-quality pieces like this–and, we are in love.


Elongated Chain Link Lariat

KBH Jewels Elongated Chain Link Lariat

KBH jewels partners with Ethical Metalsmiths, Mercury Free Mining Challenge, Earthworks, and Positive Luxury to ensure that circular practices are met. To support the brand’s focus on the future, we’d want to wear the elongated chain lariat that we’ve been eyeing forever.

KBH Jewels

Twinkle Studs

Emily Wheeler Twinkle Studs

Emily Wheeler champions sustainable practices. We love her responsible, transparent practices and this epic pair of topaz studs.

Emily P Wheeler

Ginkgo Leaf Earring

Christina Caruso Ginkgo Leaf Earring

This is the pair of earrings to wear to a fashion industry event. They’re crafted from 14k gold dipped recycled brass and the organic design reflects the natural environment we’re all fighting to protect by flipping the fast fashion narrative.

Christina Caruso

Diamond Eternity Band Ring

Hello Noemie Diamond Eternity Band Ring

This is the type of ring you will wear forever. Order soon because this Earth Day (April 10th - April 22nd), Noémie is gifting a Diamond Tree Medallion Charm alongside orders of $1,000+. P.S.: Noémie is dedicated to saving elephants from abuse and captivity through the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.

Hello Noemie

If you liked this, continue leaning into sustainability with Coveteur and our extended network.

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