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This Summer Is about Feeling Good, Inside & Out

The cooking and wellness staples our staffers can't live without.

summer wellness

There's something about summer that rejuvenates you in all aspects—mind, body, and soul. Indulging in long weekends and spending more time outdoors in the sun (and hopefully the sand) means you simply feel better, as opposed to the frigid winter months. Said newfound revitalization often inspires us to take better care of ourselves, as well. Aside from potentially a few extra workouts—hitting the gym isn't so bad when you don't have to don a parka to do it—we're paying extra attention to what we put into our bodies. From CBD-infused tea to strawberry rose vinegar, discover the cooking and wellness staples our staffers are using on repeat this summer.

Jess Teves, Head of Content

Strawberry Rosé

Quite simply one of the most vibrant and delicious accoutrements to food I've ever tasted. I've been drizzling this on salads, grains, fresh veggies, and more of late, and can't tell you how alive the food tastes—it's also a really healthy prebiotic addition to cleaner warm-weather dishes.

Acid League

9 x 13" Baking Dish

I'm all about roasting the fresh summer vegetables I've been picking up each week from the market, and this Made In white porcelain baking dish is fabulous—as well as incredibly chic! It's so durable, but also not too heavy, and while I love a solid non-stick baking pan, I'm all about the ease of summer entertaining and love putting this gorgeous dish on the table straight from the oven.

Made In

Multi Collagen Protein

I recently switched over to Ancient Nutrition's collagen protein and haven't looked back. I add a scoop to my morning coffee and smile knowing I'm effortlessly getting a daily dose of clinically fermented collagen that promotes hair thickness and skin elasticity, while being made from non-GMO, pasture-raised sources.

Dr. Axe / Ancient Nutrition

Caroline Dunn, Affiliate Coordinator

Evening Ritual Blend

This CBD-infused tea is everything on a relaxing summer evening. An upgrade to your classic chamomile, the Evening Ritual Blend is so soothing and pairs perfectly with a book (or the new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and is my favorite way to end the day.

Empress Teas

Cool Relief Roll-on

All I can say about this roll-on stick is OMG. The warmer months lead me to move away from the spin bike and more into the outdoor running routine, working different muscles and bringing upon me all of the soreness that comes with it. This CBD-infused roll-on is a miracle worker and gives instant relief to any sore spots—the BEST.

Original Hemp

Detox Water Drops

I started adding Sakara's Detox Water Drops to my daily routine about a month and a half ago to prep for the summer, and I've decided that they are now a permanent part of my life. I've generally just noticed myself feeling overall better since I began to incorporate Detox Water, in addition to loving the taste (if you like green tea, you'll love this). I am so happy I took the plunge and tried it!


Nick Papa, Brand Partnerships Manager

Calm Meditation Cushion

I've been spending more time than ever before practicing mindfulness and meditation this past year and a half. This cushion makes sessions even more enjoyable by adding a level of comfort, no matter the length of practice. It also has a super-convenient side handle so that you can bring your practice anywhere!

Tuft & Needle

Unflavored Collagen Peptides

Collagen has been part of my daily routine for a few years now. After trying a few different types, I was recently introduced to Dose & Co. and have been hooked since. Not only are the ingredients all-natural and sustainably sourced, but the packaging is also fully sustainable. I typically add two teaspoons to my morning coffee, and if I am looking for a boost of flavor, I opt for the Vanilla Dairy-Free Creamer, which has the same benefits. PS: When you opt into a subscription, you save 25 percent!

Dose & Co.

Trade Coffee Subscription

Speaking of morning coffee...this subscription is everything I've ever wanted. It is the most flexible and personalized subscription service that I have used and supports small businesses across the country. Upon signing up, you go through a quick quiz so that they can choose the perfect coffee for you. From there, they suggest coffee from small-batch roasters and ship it out on your desired schedule.

Trade Coffee

Ama Kwarteng, Beauty Editor

CBD - Drops

I'll be honest, it took me a minute to get behind the CBD craze—at least until I tried these CBD drops from Rae Wellness. But the broad-spectrum CBD oil in the formula is so high-quality, I've noticed a difference in my mood since I've added it into my routine. At first, I wondered if that feeling was the placebo effect at work, but the wellness and anti-anxiety benefits of CBD oil are supported by several studies. Turns out, it's not all just hype.

Rae Wellness

1 Pound Bangles

I'm a woman of consistency, especially when it comes to my at-home exercise routine. Nine times out of 10, I'm doing some form of Pilates or yoga-inspired workouts. And nine times out of 10, I have one of these sleek, weighted bangles on. They can be worn on either your ankles or your wrist, and they come in weights ranging from 1/2 lb to 2 lb. Don't underestimate them, though—these bangles add more intensity than you may believe, instantly taking any workout session up a few notches.


Vinaigre De Toilette – Mediterranean Edition

By infusing a Mediterranean twist on the brand's iconic Vinagre de Toilette and incorporating soothing notes like lavender and rosemary, Diptyque's multi-use fragrance has one goal in mind: relaxation. You can use it in a bath or as a body toner post-shower, but I prefer to use it as an oil diffuser in my bedroom to create an air of ease that helps me unwind.


Leya Kaufman, Head of Sales & Brand Partnerships

Plus Chill

I love to multi-task and have a tendency to overextend myself as a full-time working mom of two boys under three. At the end of the day, I'm usually dehydrated, stressed out, and strapped for time to indulge in self-care. Enter: Health-Ade Plus Chill. I look forward to the occasional mindful moment with a beverage like this that multitasks just as much as I do.


Willo Farm Membership

This membership-only personalized farm-to-home subscription plan might just become my newest health obsession. I can't think of a better way to double down on nutrients and discover new varieties of vitamin-rich produce. I've been stuck in a spinach recipe rut for far too long and can't wait to start acting like a chef at home with greens like Toscano Kale, Mizuna Red, and Komatsuna.

Willo Farm

Brownie Batter Collagen Support

I swear this dough gives me a glow. While I'm always tempted to polish off the entire jar, a few spoonfuls of this vegan collagen-powered treat can really temporarily quell my insatiable sweet tooth, too. Sign me up for any snack that doubles as a skin-care supplement.

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