12 Friends of Coveteur on What They’re Most Excited For This Spring

The possibilities are endless.

spring activities

Spring is always a time of excitement and renewal, but we can't remember a time we've been as grateful for warm weather as we have been this year. After a long winter of being cooped up indoors—and a long year of coping with the pandemic—being able to wear a light jacket (and a floral mask) to the farmers' market on Saturdays has us downright jumping for joy.

We aren't the only ones. We spoke with 12 of the most stylish tastemakers we know to find out what they absolutely could not wait to do now that the weather is warmer. From growing an Asian victory garden and exercising en plein air, to long hikes and outdoor dinners, we're feeling inspired to follow suit.

Danielle Chang

Luckyrice Founder, Cookbook Author, and Host of the PBS Series Lucky Chow

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Chang

"I've been an avid gardener for years, but this spring I'm growing an Asian victory garden—replete with my favorite Asian vegetables like snow pea leaves, chrysanthemum greens, gourds, malabar spinach—as well as healing herbs and botanicals. I seeded my garden [in early April], and the microgreens on the Japanese hakurei turnips are already ready to be harvested!

"It brings me such pleasure to work in the garden—weeding can be a form of meditation, I promise! After so much time indoors, I am looking forward to spending the spring outdoors gardening, cooking, and entertaining at home. Also, not traveling for a year has made me realize how much I love my culinary adventures. This little garden is my attempt to bring the comforting flavors of my childhood spent in Taiwan back to NYC, which is now home."

Brittney Ogike

Founder and CEO of BeautyBeez

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Brittney Ogike

"I'm looking forward to getting out of the house! I'm excited to start brunching with friends, setting up playdates at the park, wearing bold lipstick, and showing off my glowing skin I worked so hard on during quarantine.

"Now that the country is opening back up and the weather is getting warmer, I want to spend more time with family and friends. I really missed that part of life. I've been waiting for this moment since this time last year, and I'm thrilled that we're finally here."

Mary Gui

Founder of Sock Candy

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Mary Gui

"I recently moved from New York to California and am excited to reconnect with nature this spring. Moving into a new house has inspired me to become a plant mom, so I'm working on turning my black thumb into a green thumb.

"I look forward to waking up every day and taking the time to water my plants—I'm definitely embracing a more relaxed side of myself. I'm also excited to take lots of hikes and outdoor workout classes. This past year in quarantine has made me realize how important it is to have access to the outdoors for both my mental and physical health."

Jasmine Lee

Co-founder and COO of Whimsy Official

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Jasmine Lee

"I look forward to spring for so many reasons! The warm weather cures any form of seasonal depression that I've experienced from the darker winter season. Daylight savings allows for the perfect evening spent outdoors, engaging in meaningful conversations with friends while sipping a glass of white wine on the patio of one of my favorite spots. I'm excited about the memories that are to be made!

"I'm also a huge fan of long walks outside with beautiful scenery. Spring is a mixture of sunshine and warmth with a slight breeze, which makes for the perfect combination, in my opinion. My creativity stems heavily from being able to connect with nature on a daily basis, so during my walks I'm able to think clearly while being surrounded by our earth's precious gifts."

Shani Van Breukelen

Co-founder of Ayond

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Shani Van Breukelen

"I'm looking forward to working in the garden, outdoor dining, exercising outside, and hopefully being able to travel to the desert while it is in bloom."

Freda Rossidis

Creative Director of Mr. Smith

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Freda Rossidis

"I'm really looking forward to the nicer weather and, after the last year, taking advantage of getting out and about. I am especially looking forward to seeing friends, trying new fabulous restaurants, and going shopping to visit some of my favorite designers.

"Being used to traveling internationally for fashion weeks, this spring I'm wanting to travel as much as I can. In particular, I look forward to visiting Los Angeles because it is my favorite home away from home and where some of my closest friends live."

Cashmere Nicole

Founder and CEO of Beauty Bakerie

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Cashmere Nicole

"Is 'nothing' a plan? I thoroughly enjoy doing nothing. I get excited because with the many hats I've worn for the majority of my life, doing nothing is my way of being kind to myself. I'll be able to really stop and smell the roses in my yard."

Almira Armstrong

Founder of Lumira

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Almira Armstrong

"Spring is my favorite season. As a family of four, I love that there is more daylight and milder temperatures so that we can get outside and witness the beauty of ever-changing nature. Post-pandemic, I'm finding that the simple things in life bring me so much joy, like smelling the flowers that are beginning to bloom. It's magical. It also means cherries are in season, which are one of my favorite fruits. Being outdoors and moving my body also always makes me feel immediately healthier and less stressed."

Julie Elliott

Founder, CEO, and Chief Formulation Officer of In Fiore

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Julie Elliott

"Spring is my favorite season. Flowers are in full bloom, the farmers' market produce is in abundance, and the start of longer days gives me life. I look forward to shifting my work schedule around to get as much exposure to nature and daylight as possible. The more I attune with nature and my circadian rhythm, the healthier I feel.

"One ritual I kick off in spring is a cleanse. It is nothing too restrictive or complicated—the main emphasis is lighter foods such as fresh vegetable salads and leafy greens, with a protein source. Think salad Niçoise. And, of course, lemon water with fresh ginger and cayenne and herbal infusions to move the lymph. I will up my dry-brushing game, too.

"Usually, at this time of year, I'm in the South of France attending a conference. While that isn't happening this year, as restrictions start to lift, I cannot wait to travel to someplace warm."

Dianna Cohen

Founder and CEO of Crown Affair

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Dianna Cohen

"I'm most excited about new rituals and routines that come into my life around spring—one of them being the new plants I'm welcoming into my space this season. I really love bonsai trees—my favorite account on Instagram is @nbfbonsai. I recently took a bonsai class in Miami and I plan to bring home a bonsai to care for daily."

Mandana Dayani

Co-founder of I am a voter

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Mandana Dayani

"I'm so excited to spend more time outdoors. I love to host dinners in our backyard and to take my little girls on hikes and long walks. I've realized this past year how important it is for me to disconnect and to get some fresh air.

"Learning to be more present is something I will always need to work on, and I find that happens the most when I am outdoors. I even try to take a couple of Zooms in my backyard when I can. I am also pretty damn excited to get out of my sweatpants and start wearing some real clothes!"

Cecile Gasnault

Brand Director at Smile Makers

spring activities

Photo: Courtesy of Cecile Gasnault

"I'm making plans for the future! Living in Singapore, where we don't have seasons, I had lost that excitement for renewal and new beginnings that comes with spring. But this year, with the vaccine campaigns ramping up, it does feel like we can see the end of what has felt like a very long winter, even in tropical places.

"I had stopped myself from making long-term plans as I was more focused on making the COVID-19 routine comfortable and I didn't want to be disappointed with canceled plans. But now I have started a bucket list for the near and longer-term future. It's a working written document to which I continually add new items. Activities range from going on holiday with my family—when I am finally able to travel back to France and see them—to outdoor activities I would like to try such as surfing or sailing (anything to do with the ocean, really) organizing sex-ed workshops IRL instead of Zoom, traveling to southern Europe…

"Even if I can't do all of these things right now, creating that mental space has brought me energy to try new things, meet new people, and kick off new projects at work."

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