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Proof that Flared Trousers are Indeed a Wardrobe Staple

Three ways to style the versatile piece.

I love a good pair of jeans as much as the next millennial, but for the days I want to feel more overtly styled, I always opt for a flared trouser. It’s not about formality—in actuality, one of my favorite contexts for the flared trouser is to elevate a very simple, thrown-together-on-a-work-morning look. It’s more about indicating intentionality. Denim tends to be the default, so wearing trousers requires a few more (perhaps intimidating) sartorial decisions—but with high payoff. Here, we demonstrate the versatility of this piece with three easy outfit formulas that can turn even a patterned trouser into a wardrobe staple. Whether you need a quick, polished look for the office or want to look like a rockstar, there’s a flared trouser for the occasion.

Patterned Trouser + Striped Sweater + Leather jacket

Right Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@shantidjenne

If you are intimidated by mixing patterns, this is an easy entrypoint. Pair a subtle-patterned trouser with a striped sweater that compliments the colors of the pant. Brown and blue are always a safe bet! Tie together with a dark brown leather jacket for a perfect transitional weather outfit.

Striped Jumper

LA DoubleJ

Biker Jacket

$3569 $1144

Moon Bag



$495 $370

Slouchy Trouser + Oversized Button-Up + Sneakers

Right Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@jessalizzi

My stylist friend calls this outfit formula my “art director look.” This is an easy way to look both effortless and intentional—you are conveying that you have style, but in this moment, you are too busy coordinating a photoshoot and getting coffee with TikTok tastemakers to be bothered to wear anything but slacks and your boyfriend’s button-up. I am not an art director and I don’t have a boyfriend, but this outfit could really have the world fooled.

Striped Button-up Shirt

Maison Margiela
$670 $335

Betty Oval Cat-eye Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Eyewear

Cassette Crossbody Bag

Bottega Veneta

Groovy Trouser + Statement Jacket

Right Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@alyssainthecity

If your Pinterest is covered in images of Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane, we recommend trying out this foolproof formula. Pairing a floral trouser with a fur-trimmed jacket will make you look like a Mick Jagger muse. Add sunnies and a Fender for the full effect.

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