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How Our Favorite Elements of Spring Shape Our Personal Style

Nature is in full bloom and so are we.

In my hometown, flip-flops don’t have a season, they stay on year-round. Like many Californians who have made the puzzling decision to move to a place where Uniqlo’s Heattech serves as a second skin from the months of November to March, I have settled on the following justification when asked how I’m faring: “Oh, but the winter really makes me appreciate the spring.” The thing is, I’m not lying. With March comes a building euphoria— the first day it hits above 60 degrees, I could practically skip the length of the Brooklyn Bridge with happiness. In a premature fit of excitement last week, I unearthed my sundresses and clog sandals from my under-bed storage, because the only thing better than enjoying the weather in the park is enjoying the weather in the park while in a great outfit. Even if we are still in late winter, it’s never too early to fantasize. So, as we approach the year’s true fresh start—the season of reawakening, blooming, and perusing farmers’ markets for fresh flowers and fruit, I break down how the elements of spring shape my approach to personal style.


model smelling flowers


With the first signs of spring come the urge to organize. I begin the season with an audit of my wardrobe, assessing the casualties of winter, repairing what I can, and purging the rest. Then the fun part: culling basics that will form the foundation of my spring wardrobe. This season, I am focusing on building a solid base of elevated neutral garments that pair well with my louder statement pieces.

Crepe De Chine


In Bloom

verical shot of flower field


During the spring, nature is peacocking, so why shouldn’t you? Now that we’ve established our basics, it’s time to bring the wow factor. While florals for spring aren’t exactly ‘groundbreaking,’ we love bright colors and a statement print. This season, I’m leaning into the late ’60s and early ’70s aesthetic, with Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane and 1968 cult classic Wonderwall dominating my mood boards.

Two Butterfly Pendant

Van Cleef & Arpels

Dining Al Fresco

table scape

Photo: Courtesy of MARCUS NILSSON

While we once dined outside out of necessity, now it’s time to dine outside for pleasure. Call me basic, but on the list of my favorite warm-weather activities, brunch reigns supreme. To me, this means cosplaying as a European with a light flowy dress and a trench just in case it rains. Clémence Poésy, who?

Clog Ankle-strap Sandals

Daniela Gregis

Mini Raffia Basket Tote

Paco Rabanne

Spring Awakening

flower detail

Photo: Courtesy of YAN L

Birds, bees, Balthazar reservation! A case can be made for every season, but I submit spring as the year’s most romantically exciting. It’s certainly the most charged. So good date outfits are in order, whether they’re for meeting someone for the first time or to look sparkly for your partner who may have gotten a little too used to seeing you in long johns and puffer jackets.

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