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7 Stylish Friends of Coveteur on Their Winter Ski Must-Haves

Plus, their favorite destinations, from Big Sky to Gstaad.

The winter ski season is upon us, and in anticipation, you're likely gearing up (literally) by assessing the snow attire in your wardrobe (think: jackets, pants, base layers, bibs, and necessary equipment for the slopes). Yes, securing that ski pass, vacation rental, perhaps even a lesson pack is critical ahead of the season. But once you've checked off said tasks, why not shift your focus to chic ski style? No matter your skill level, half the fun of snow skiing is undoubtedly the fashion.

While legacy brands always deliver on fresh ski wares seasonally, sometimes, the recommendation of seasoned pros is more helpful with determining your next buy. So, whether you require an entire ski getup, are craving a new bib or jacket to add to your repertoire, or feel ready to move from rental gear to your own, we've tapped eight experienced and very stylish skiers for their top picks. Plus, we got the scoop on their favorite ski scenes, from Big Sky and Aspen to Courchevel and Gstaad. Let's rip.

Anina Heé, founder of Refine

"I've been skiing since I was three years old," Anina Heé, founder of Refine, tells Coveteur. "Growing up in Switzerland, it's kind of a national sport; everyone does it. My dad is a mountaineer. With him, I often go touring, which means we walk up a mountain with skins on our skis and ski down in fresh powder. He was already doing this with my grandfather from a young age, so he knows every peak and every route—he's the best guide."

Anina's favorite ski spots:

"Our family goes to a resort called Arosa in Switzerland. We celebrate Christmas there every year, so it really feels like home," says Heé. "I also love Zermatt—it's the most picturesque ski resort, I believe, and they have the most charming huts for a well-deserved lunch break. My favorite is Chez Vrony." Adding, "Skiing in the US is very different to Europe, I think [but] I love Vail for its wide slopes—this you hardly get in the Alps."

Anina's ski picks:

Atris Birdie

"I love my Black Crows Atris Birdie skies. They are perfect for soft slopes, off-piste, and even for touring, which I love to do when the pistes get too crowded. I love how Black Crows combines design and functionality."

Black Crows

Auric Cut Mips

"Safety first—I never go skiing without my POC Auric helmet. I've had it for years, and it goes with all my skiwear."


Long Sleeved Shirt Wool-tech

"To stay warm, I love the virgin wool base layers from Falke. They are soft, comfortable, warm, and supportive. I even wear it as loungewear sometimes when I don't go skiing."


Caroline Maguire, fashion director, Shopbop

"I've been skiing since I was eight years old but switched to snowboarding when I was in college," says Shopbop's fashion director, Caroline Maguire. "I stopped after moving to the East Coast but recently have picked it back up as my kids love skiing."

Caroline's favorite ski spots:

"As a native Californian, I'm partial to West Coast snow," the fashion director shares. "Tahoe is one of my favorites."

Caroline's ski picks:

Betty Base Layer Leggings

"For skiing, I am all about layers, layers, and more layers. The key is to start with a cozy soft base layer on top and bottom and add on from there. The Faherty B Yellow Tail Sherpa Half Zip is my go-to pullover to stay warm and stylish."

Sweaty Betty

Arctic Down Mittens

"Hand and toe warmers are a must. I buy them in bulk so the whole family can use them, and I always wear my Canada Goose mittens on top. They're lightweight but still keep your hands toasty."

Canada Goose

Feather 53

"I'm obsessed with my vintage Burton Feather Snowboard. I've had it for over 20 years and wouldn't trade it for anything (though it might be time for new bindings)."

Burton Snowboards

Matthew Moinian, founder of Felix Roasting Co.

"I have been skiing since I was five years old and can ski almost anything, although now I pace myself," says Matthew Moinian, founder of Felix Roasting Co.

Matthew's favorite ski spots:

"My favorite mountain is Aspen Mountain because of convenience, but I do love Snowmass and the wide turns you can take," shares the entrepreneur. "The mountain is giant, and you feel like you can never ski the whole thing through an entire season. If I weren't skiing in Aspen, I would be in St. Moritz or Courchevel."

Matthew's Ski Picks:

Super Nuke

"For base layers, I like to ski in Corbeaux, a local company that operates with a sustainable and environmental mindset. Speaking of local, I typically ski in a full Aztech Mountain jacket, and in the warmer months, I will grab an Aztech shell. I like [the brand] because they stay traditional with new additions to jacket features often. It feels like I could ski in my Aztech apparel for the next 10 years."

Aztech Mountain

Shift Pro 120 Alpine Touring Ski Boots

"For my ski boots, I get fitted at Gorsuch at the bottom of Ajax. Jeff Gorsuch and his team do an incredible job there. Salomon is what I have skied in for most of my life. As for skis, I love a Volkl ski. They are perfect for my type of skiing which isn't too intense, but enough to carve it up a bit with some buddies."


Army Leather Heli Ski Mitts

"As for gloves, Hestra remains one of the best brands on the market in my opinion; I have several pairs."


Lauren Harwell Godfrey, Jewelry Designer

"I started skiing as a kid, and in my '20s, I was bombing down double black diamonds on my snowboard," jewelry designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey tells Coveteur. "I've eased up a lot since then and don't find myself on the mountain every weekend like I used to, but still love it when I get there."

Lauren's favorite ski spots:

"[Tahoe's] Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, and the first place I ever learned to make turns will always hold a special place in my heart: Brighton, Utah," says the designer.

Lauren's Ski Picks:

Dioralps Hooded Down Jacket

"A fab jacket does wonders on the slopes and at aprés. This Dior jacket is not only made from technical fabric and super warm but also super chic. Leopard on the lifts? Yes, please."


Descent Snow Bib 2.0

"I love a good bib because there is nothing worse than snow sneaking into your jacket and getting you cold and then wet. A great one is Aether's Descent Snow Bib."


Merino Wool Ski & Snowboard Socks

"I find that a great pair of socks under your boots is essential to staying warm and comfortable. I love these from Bombas—all the colors and details make me so happy every time I put them on."


Palmer West, cofounder, Aether

ski essentials

Photo: Courtesy of Aether

"My skis came on before my diapers came off—a benefit of being a January baby," says life-long skier and cofounder of Aether, Palmer West. "I haven't faced a hill that I didn't want to go down, and if you are not pushing yourself, you are not getting better. Embrace your falls, and you'll learn something every time you go down. It's good for the ego."

Palmer's favorite ski spots:

"My favorite place to ski is in the backcountry, by skins, helicopter, or snowcat," Palmer tells Coveteur, citing Baldface Lodge in Nelson, British Columbia; Powder Tours in Aspen, Colorado; and Canadian Mountain Holidays Heli-Skiing among his favorites. "Making your own tracks with friends creates lifelong memories." Adding, "Another favorite place is skiing behind my three kids, smiling, while saying to my wife, 'Look what we have done, sweetheart.' Don't care about the conditions or the terrain; passing on the passion is priceless."

Palmer's Ski Picks:

4D Mag Goggles

"Magnetic lens goggles are a must-have in my kit. Vision is the most overlooked necessity for beginner-to-moderate skiers and snowboarders. Hesitation naturally forces you on your heels, which leads to a complete surrender of control. Carrying multiple lenses on a day in the mountains is imperative. What it looks like at the base has no bearing on what the weather looks like at the top of the hill. Weather changes fast, and lack of vision is no fun. Magnetic lenses like these from Smith allow for a very quick change of lenses when the light goes from bright to flat. Keep your lenses on the interior of your jacket as cold lenses on a warm face leads to instant fog."


Catalyst Snow Shell

"Having a jacket that keeps you completely sealed off from the elements is a must. Equipped with a high front neck, so you can dip your chin in to hide from the wind and blowing snow, is a gift. Let's face it: Being cold is no fun. Feeling the cold seep in through the seams and gaps shows a lack of attention to detail and construction. Find yourself a jacket like a Catalyst, so you can throw it on and forget about it. Plus, this one comes with an amazing spare lens holder that contours to the natural curve of your ribs. Truly next level."


Bond Girl Skis

Katie Mok

"The most important part of my ski gear is the skis themselves. Make sure you demo before you purchase. Any good ski shop will take the cost of the demo off the final sale price, so if you are in the market for a new pair, there is no risk in demoing a few pairs to find out what fits you best.

"Your skis must feel like an extension of your boots, and they should feel as if they are working together. Don't buy a pair that doesn't naturally work with where you carry your weight. There are many different shapes of skis these days, and they all respond differently to your weight placement.

"I have been working with Wagner Custom for over five years now, as they built bespoke skis for every customer. Built for you, not the masses, and worth every penny. Plus, you get to work with their team to design your own top sheet (the part of the ski you see when they are on your feet). This is my latest pair, complete with my name engraved in the ski itself. I think my new skis are officially cooler than me."


Samantha Patil, cofounder and CEO, Well Traveled

"I've been skiing since I could walk," says Samantha Patil, cofounder and CEO of the social travel platform Well Traveled. "I'd say I'm intermediate/advanced, and I'm pretty comfortable on most terrain. That being said, I'm competitive and will always find a way to beat most people down the mountain, even if it is just to snag a good après spot."

Samantha's favorite ski spots:

"In the US, Big Sky in Montana is probably my favorite mountain. It's huge (not surprising), there is so much terrain to explore, and it's great for all ski levels," Patil tells Coveteur. "They're still building out the dining and nightlife scene, but there are some incredible restaurants and places to stay. They also offer this Montana Dinner Yurt experience that's on the site, which is amazing.

"Internationally, I've been to Chamonix, where I skied the Vallée Blanche with my husband on our honeymoon. There's nothing like being harnessed together, marching up a snow peak at 12,000 feet, to kick off life as newlyweds. Lastly, I have to call out Zermatt because it's a beautiful town and feels like you're in a snow globe. It's so much fun and one of the only places you can ski in three countries—France, Switzerland, and Italy—on one ski pass."

Samantha's ski picks:

Emma Softshell Pants

"I just discovered Halfdays ski gear, and I'm obsessed. The company is female-founded, and everything is gorgeous while still being super functional."


Flurry Endeavor Turtleneck

"For base layers, I love Athleta's gear because it keeps you warm without overheating."


Sequoia Gore-Tex Mitts

"I always use foot warmers and hand warmers—nothing fancy, but it makes such a difference in being warm on the mountain, so I always keep an extra set handy. Pro tip: Get gloves with an inner glove that allows you to remove your bulky mittens but still use your phone. It's great because the index finger works on an iPhone, so you don't have to take your hands out in the cold to make a call. Again, very big on keeping warm on the mountain."


Inès Ceccaldi, Junior Buyer at MatchesFashion

"Growing up in Switzerland, I'm not sure I even remember my first time on skis," says Inès Ceccaldi, junior buyer at MatchesFashion. "I believe I was four years old when I was first put into toddler ski classes with my cousins—it's pretty much our national sport."

Inès' favorite ski spots:

"Well, I won't lie, in Switzerland, we have some of the best slopes, in my opinion. I would recommend Verbier, Crans-Montana, or Gstaad for a car-free experience."

Inès' ski picks:

Logo-patched Softshell Sleeveless Ski Suit

"I love a one-piece ski suit like the Moncler Grenoble; it's perfect to keep you warm all day while enhancing your silhouette."


Piuma-R Chrome Visor Ski Helmet

"I will never ski without a helmet as the risk of accidents is always present, having broken my coccyx myself in a ski accident a few years ago. My suggestion would be to go for the new Kask collection. I love the combination of metallic shades, and having the goggles incorporated within the helmet is so practical."


Stance 94 Skis

"Saving the most important for last, I've always had a pair of Salomon skis since I started skiing."

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