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How to Transform Your Bland Bedroom: Inside One Coveteur Staffer’s Makeover

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Halle Lagatta
Rachel Pickus
It was a day not too long ago where I was sprawled out on my living-room floor, papers strewn about, in boxer briefs, tie-dye socks, and a cardigan, when my boyfriend looked at me and said, “Enough is enough.” After a six-month hiatus, our roommate scheduled his return home and I simply couldn’t continue using the living room as my personal office, rec room, gym, spa, and more. The living room and dining room, he explained, were a shared space, and I needed to treat it as such. So, being the logical person that I am, I decided I had two options. The first: take over my boyfriend’s studio, which is covered in instruments, wires, and band posters. Or two: take my work calls, FaceTimes with friends, and Zoom yoga classes to our bedroom.

As a Sagittarius, I get bored easily and I crave change—this I know all too well. I’ve been known to flip my room every few months, most famously impulsively painting my room black back in 2012. (We don’t talk about that anymore, though.) Despite this fiery energy, I’ve always considered my bedroom to be the perfect expression of who I am—or maybe, better put, where I’m at in life.

As I get older, however, the chaotic decorator within me has settled down. As a result, my room has more or less remained the same stagnant space it’s been since moving into my Queens (NY) apartment in 2015. I’ve always had all that I need—bed, dresser, desk, closet space—essentially, the bare necessities when one envisions a bedroom. But now that I’m spending more time than ever in my bedroom, I’ve made the very adult decision to redecorate with the goal of creating the perfect year-round oasis. For inspiration, I looked to Jacquemus’ iconic FW20 collection, resplendent with off-white cashmere, grey shaded linen, and bold silver accessories.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

The most important part of my bedroom—you guessed it—is the bed itself! I went with Casper’s Wave mattress, that is the perfect firmness for my back issues and stomach-sleeping habit.


Parachute Percale Venice Set

In the past, quality sheets weren’t a priority, which is CRAZY considering how much time we all spend in our beds. (Did you know that the average person spends 26 years sleeping in their lifetime? Yes, I know—wild!). Parachute’s ethos, centered around non-toxic materials, harsh chemicals, or synthetics, is something that stood out to me when choosing my bedding. I love their Percale set, which is silky and cooling (hello, sleep sweaters!).


Parachute Down Duvet Insert

For added warmth during the cooler months, or “brick,” as we say in NYC, I added Parachute’s scrumptious duvet insert. It’s simply the sweetest cherry on top of a perfect bed set.


Thuma The Bed

It’s beyond liberating not having to worry about flimsy Ikea furniture breaking beneath you while you sleep because you built it incorrectly (speaking from experience here). This frame took me less than three minutes to put together and is as solid as can be. As an added bonus, the bed frame comes with a washable headboard that I dream of customizing someday—tartan linen, I’m coming for you.


Salam Hello Customize Latifa & Rabha’s Beni Ourain

I feel like a princess as I slide off my dream bed onto this plush rug, handmade in Morocco by Berber women. Each rug is a work of art, often taking months or sometimes years to carefully produce. The best part about supporting Salam Hello is that, with each purchase, 10 percent of their profits are reinvested into the communities in which the artisans live. Unlike other Moroccan rug distributors in the US, Salam Hello’s priority is to pay each weaver a fair price for their expert craftsmanship.


Framebridge Mercer Slim

Every time I travel, I try to find a botanical print as a memento—antiquated illustrations of flowers and plants are my random collector’s item. (Someday I’ll collect Birkins, mark my words!) After years of collecting, I’ve amassed several prints that have longed for the perfect frame. Following a horrible experience at a framer in my neighborhood where I was charged $250 for a 5x6 print, I’ve held off on framing the rest. Enter Framebridge’s new Williamsburg location, of which I can confidently say that there’s simply no easier (or more affordable!) way to frame your favorite prints.


Alva Flat Roman Shades

Nothing says #adulting more than hunting down the perfect shades. After months of bad experiences, I finally found a custom shade service for us millennials who dread the thought of not ordering something online.


Urban Outfitters Lucia Nightstand

When living in an apartment, storage is always the priority. I love these nightstands because I can fit in all of my bedside skin-care rituals (hand cream, ice roller, Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask, and more) with ease. There’s also a great open-facing nook to store books.


Pottery Barn Alana Glass Table Lamp

My room was fitted with nothing more than cold LED overhead lights (not the good kind of LED, see above), so these lamps offset the wooden nightstand and add a hint of much-needed warmth to the space.

$179 - $249 $161 - $224

Parachute Linea Sham Set

As an added bonus for creating the coziest bed possible, I added shams and a coverlet, making it that much harder to wake up in the morning. All non-morning people, you’ve been warned.


Jenni Kayne Ynez Lumbar Pillow

I’m the kind of person who is never truly finished with a home decor project—I know next week I’ll find things to tweak, furniture to rearrange, paint colors to swatch. For now I’m going to call it quits after adding some finishing touches with help from my interior designer friend, Gregory Rockwell. He suggested adding lumbar pillows rather than the traditional Euro pillows, since my headboard is on the shorter side—they add perfect back support when I’m working from my bed, which happens more often than I’d like to admit.


West Elm Molten Brass Vase

Rockwell also urged me to buy new ceramics and vases to complement my obsession with flower arrangements. He helped me source some funky stainless-steel stem holders from The Break in Brooklyn, which are the perfect contrast to my otherwise warm and neutral space. He helped me style some textured ceramic vases we picked up in Martha’s Vineyard that, when combined with fresh hydrangeas, are a welcome addition to my bedside table.

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