Womens Health

Womens Health


Gut Health 101: Here’s What You Need to Know

A comprehensive guide to everything that goes in—and out.


The Benefits of Crystal Healing

From surface to soulful, read on to uncover the powerful healing properties of crystals.


The Confusing Syndrome That Might Be Lurking in Your Ovaries

PCOS: what to watch for, what’s causing it, and when you should reach out for help.


What’s Your Pandemic Birth Control Plan?

We talked to the experts on contraception in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.


The Truth about Being a Single Mom During the Pandemic

How the chief merchant of Saks Fifth Avenue is making it work and finding her stride.


So You Have HPV: Here’s What You Need to Know

OB/GYNs on the ins and outs of this common virus.


Comedian Kelsey Darragh Opens Up about Mental Health & Self-Compassion

A deeply personal essay on healing and sharing our emotions during this tricky time.


What Does a Birth Doula Really Do? We Investigate

Everything you ever wanted to know—but were afraid to ask.


A Modern-Day Guide to Balancing Your Hormones

An acupuncturist shares her best tips for hormonal equilibrium, whether you have acne, endometriosis, or anything in between.

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A New Drug May Treat Postpartum Depression in 48 Hours

One major drawback: It costs $34,000.


Having a “Gentle C-Section” Changed My Mind about Cesareans

They’re growing in popularity, and made my delivery so much better than I could have expected.


What It’s Like Navigating Health Care as a Trans Woman

Add to that being a woman of color, and it's even more nuanced. Activist and artist Linda LaBeija shares her experience.


7 Women on What It’s *Really* Like to Give Birth

It’s definitely not like the movies.


A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Vaginal Health

Everyone should know this (including men).


4 Major Women’s Issues Currently Up for Debate

A primer on Title X, “late-term abortion,” the tampon tax, and the future of Roe v. Wade.


Welcome to Women’s Health Week

Our annual series on periods, fertility, birth control, and more.


The Truth about Drugstore Tampons

The real difference “organic” tampons make.


Is the Morning-After Pill Safe?

Planned Parenthood’s chief medical officer gave us the 101 on emergency contraceptive.


Can a Bra Be Liberating?

When “potentially millions of women, at a critical time in history, are slouching because of an 85-year-old bra design,” the answer is yes. In collaboration with Evelyn & Bobbie.


All Your Vagina Questions Answered!

Does eating pineapple make you smell good?


I Went to a Sexological Bodyworker and Had a Revelation about Assault

She’s been called a “vagina-practor,” but it’s a lot more than that.


4 First-Period Stories That Will Give You Major Flashbacks

The most relatable thing you'll read all day.


9 Things Everyone Gets Wrong about Abortion

Expert knowledge from the DC Abortion Fund.


Why Is Everyone Still Grossed Out by Periods?

From innovators to policy makers, these women are taking the cultural response to menstruation (shock! horror! disgust!) and shifting the narrative.

Love And Sex

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Sex

How to *get yours* with almost no effort.