How Coveteur Staffers Unwind After a Long Day

You can never go wrong with putting on a face mask and lighting up a candle.

How Coveteur Staffers Unwind After a Long Day
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When every day feels like a "long day," it's helpful to look forward to the little moments: a couple hours to yourself post-work with no emails, no texts, no doomscrolling—just you. Think: snuggling up in your comfy pajamas with a book in hand and your favorite candle burning nearby. Or catching up on your latest Netflix binge with a face mask on. To release the stress of the day is one of the most rewarding feelings—a necessary form of self-care. If you're struggling with how to make time for this practice in your own life, allow Coveteur staffers to inspire you by sharing how and what they use to unwind after a long day, below.

Caroline Dunn, Manager, Sales & Brand Partnerships

Pink Eye Mask

I originally discovered this under-eye mask from my Fab Fit Fun box, and now they’re my favorite part of any relaxing night in. Grace & Stella’s masks are formulated to firm and boost collagen production while maintaining hydration and improving skin texture—essentially doing the work for you while you sit back. Pro tip: Put these in the fridge before use.

Grace & Stella

Weighted Eye Mask

You already love the weighted blanket for sleep and relaxation, so allow me to introduce you to your new favorite accessory: the weighted eye mask. Nodpod’s mask targets the pressure points around your eyes and forehead to both calm you to sleep and ease headaches.


Spiked Coconut Water

A naturally hydrating hangover elixir, coconut water feels like a no-brainer as a cocktail mixer. Made with real fruit juice as opposed to the syrups generally added by the brand’s competitors, Sunboy’s founders promise that you’ll thank them in the morning. Sunboy currently offers three different flavors, and I can already say that the tangerine variety is going to be my signature summer drink.


Emily Greene, Director of Marketing Strategy

Gua Sha

Using this gua sha every night before bed has become one of my favorite skincare rituals. Not only is the practice of gentle, repetitive movements incredibly meditative, but I’ve found it instantly releases any muscle tension in my face. If you find yourself subconsciously clenching your jaw all day long like I do, that immediate release helps me decompress like nothing else.

Mount Lai

Silk Tee Set

There’s nothing more luxurious—or relaxing—than lounging in a set of silky pajamas, and I’ve heard from friends that this set from Lunya is a must-have, especially for the warmer summer months. You better believe I’ll be splurging on these with my next paycheck.


Colored Glass Candle

Who doesn’t love a good Target find? With notes of iris and santal, this Threshold candle smells way more expensive than it is, and is equal parts subtle and comforting. Every weeknight after dinner, I love to cozy up on the couch with a face mask, a good book or TV show, and this candle to truly unwind.


Leya Kaufman, Head of Brand & Publisher

Calm Supplements

As a full-time working mom of two, I’ve found it nearly impossible to wind down after work hours on the weekdays. Enter: Arrae. While I’ll never turn down the occasional happy hour or say no to dessert, I love that there’s a supplement fit for a mindful lifestyle. I recently tried these chill pills before putting the kids to bed and even the act of taking one reminds me to step away from my laptop and slide into zen mode.


DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m addicted to screen-time–and it’s terrible. So, my new bi-weekly date with an LED mask has given me a much needed reprieve from the neverending cycle of social media and Netflix during my downtime. I take the time with this self-care treatment to listen to a podcast and close my eyes. I love it.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Cones

Nothing boosts my mood more than a sweet treat, but a sugar crash can be brutal. I love that Enlightened’s new launch supports indulging in a childhood favorite like a fudge-covered sundae cone without the added sugar, calories, and saturated fat. I swear it’s impossible to feel stressed out when snacking on a sundae.


Samantha Wu, Marketing Coordinator

Mint Mud Mask

I first discovered this Indie skincare brand at a Credo Beauty pop-up and it quickly became part of my nighttime routine. I use it two to three times per week to unclog my pores! It truly does wonders, plus it’s clean, cruelty-free, and has a plant-based formula.


Super Bounce

I’m all about skinimalism, and if you’re trying to achieve that dewy look, this product is a great start. I use this morning and night before putting on moisturizer and have definitely noticed a change in my skin: it's smoother and softer!


Lip Gloss Balm

I love my clean beauty products, and this lip gloss balm feels super soft and nourishing. I grew up using Vaseline before bed and this is a great alternative to feel a little more luxurious before you go to sleep.

Bare Minerals

Katie Mok, Editorial Production Fellow

Instant Detox Mask

Whenever I use this, it feels like I’m stripping the day (and grime on my face!) away. Plus, it gives the added bonus of making my skin look brighter.


Double Roller

Have you ever gotten home after a long, long day and felt your muscles tighten and ache? Because if you have, I know how you feel. So after a well-deserved shower, I bust out this double foam roller. Used around my calves and hips, this roller releases a bunch of tension built up during the day.


Dress & Living Clear Perfume in 97 April Cotton

I just opened my third bottle of this spray. I spray a bit over my pillows and bedding when I want to unwind for some "me time." I've never truly believed in aromatherapy until I started using this product.

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