The Best Rosés to Sip All Summer Long

Your official guide to the unofficial wine of summer.

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After a long winter and unseasonably cool spring, we can all finally look forward to the warmth of the summer months and the first of many holiday weekends. For many, Memorial Day has always been the *unofficial* start of summer, and though things are a tad different this year, the excitement of the holiday and the season it commences is still abuzz. This year we'll be planning more time for socially distanced picnics in the park, barbecues, hikes, beach trips, pools, and more. In short, we're looking to this summer to give us life! And with the promise of outdoor activities in sight, it's only right that we show some love to the wine made for moments in the sun. That's right: Rosé season is practically here, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it.

Over the years, the refreshing pink wine has become the go-to to quench thirst during the hazy days of summer. Affectionately dubbed "summer water," most of us have grown to know rosé in just one flavor profile. But as wines often do, rosé has a lot of variation and enough range to surprise even the most finicky of palettes. In fact, rosé is known to be one of the most diverse types of wines because it can be made from any kind of wine-bearing red grapes. So whether you prefer something juicy and floral, or dry and herbaceous, there's a rosé out there you're sure to love. The secret to the delicious pink wine lies in the process. Just like with red wine, grapes are artfully paired to create different blends and taste. But unlike the reds, there is limited skin contact, which gives the wine its distinct light pink color. With so many varieties and endless flavor profiles, there's no denying its compatibility with all your summer plans. Sure, the common crisp and juice-forward rosé we've all come to know and love will remain a staple, but why not shake things up a bit and try something new? No need to sort through shops and app reviews because we've done the legwork for you. So raise a glass and get ready to enjoy—here are the best rosés to sip this holiday weekend and through the sun-filled days to come.

Negroamaro Salento Calafuria Rosato 2020

This rosé is made from Negroamaro grapes, a varietal which is native to Southern Italy. In general, the grape has a rustic earthiness to it, but in this rosé, the earthiness becomes a subtlety to the lush bouquet of berries, peaches, and lavender.


Marlborough Rosé

The bright taste of this rosé is easygoing and enjoyable, with flavors of green apple, citrus, and herbs. It sips clean, but has a smooth floral finish that will keep you pouring. Bring this bottle to your next brunch, and we can almost guarantee your guests will be lingering long after the meal.

Oyster Bay

Les Clans

If you've come to love the brand's cult-fave Whispering Angel, you'll likely enjoy the complex but elegant taste of this wine. The provincial blend is aged in French oak barrels, which lends aromas of hazelnuts and vanilla to this lightly colored pink wine.

Château D'esclans

Flor de Muga Rosado 2019

At first taste, this pale red rosé is bursting with intense flavors of citrus and peach flavors. Continue sipping, and you'll notice the floral notes of white blossom and subtle spice. The contrast of smooth and creamy to bright and acidic makes this wine delightfully interesting and a great pairing with summer treats like oysters, tuna tartare, and ceviche.


Rosé (2020)

This mineral-driven wine is zippy, with flavors of juiced melon and citrus rind. It has high acid, but finishes with a light saline-soaked taste that provides a good balance to the bright, fruity flavors. Made from Touriga Nacional, a grape known to be used in port wines, its flavor is complex and uniquely satisfying.


Rosé Trocken

Hailing from the Mosel region of Germany, this medium-dry rosé is amazingly light with loads of flavor. With ease, it bounces from tastes of lemon zest to juicy strawberries and watermelon with a touch of minerality and earthiness. The slight spritz of bubbles add an alluring brightness that makes it the ideal wine for evening gatherings with friends.


Rose 2020

Much like its name, this rosé just screams summer. Its cotton-candy-like color is testament to the juicy grenache grapes it's made from. With low acid and creamy notes of vanilla, this rosé was made for weekend getaways and birthdays on the beach. You can even match your style to your glass with the brand's line of frothy pink merch.

Hampton Water
$25 $20

Sonoma Rose of Sangiovese 2020

With its interesting mix of flavors like guava, strawberry, watermelon, and mint, this rosé is as tasty as it is complex. The 2020 vintage is praised for its high-acid and fruit-forward melody, with light minerality for balance. Perfect for patio sipping or a park picnic, be sure to keep a bottle (or two!) on hand all summer long.

Alexander Valley Vineyards

Rose of Grenache

Light and crisp, this wine is full of lush fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and peaches. Its fruit-forward taste and silky finish make it easy to sip, be it alone or with a meal. With just the right amount of sweetness, this rosé is the perfect pairing for cheese boards and light snacks.


Rosé Bubbles

Canned rosé might just be the best thing ever created, but a canned rosé that's as tasty as the bottle version is a godsend! Hailing from Oregon wine country, Underwood's rosé Bubbles has a deliciously crisp taste balanced with juicy notes of tart cherries and sweet berries. Taste aside, this travel-friendly can is ideal for any outdoor activity or event your summer holds.


Rosé Wine

Though this rosé is dry, it's terrifically refreshing on a hot summer's day. The deep color comes from a blend of grapes such as Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, to name a few. But don't let that turn you off—this rosé is bright and crisp, with tastes of apple and a hint of herbal notes. A perfect paring for grilled vegetables and fish.


Rosé Bubbles N.V.

With just a hint of effervescence, this South African rosé is perfect for an al-fresco dinner. It blends flavors of juicy strawberries and sun-ripened cherries with an added touch of minerality to yield an easy-drinking wine that's delicious even in its canned version.


Weinland Rose

A true celebration of summer fruits, this easygoing, natural wine is rich with ripe flavors of black raspberry and strawberry. It's 100 percent organically produced, and the grapes are hand harvested before being fermented in stainless-steel tanks. The result: a clean and fruit-forward rosé that is dripping with summer flavor. For an exotic taste, try their orange wine—it's an extraordinary spin on Chardonnay.


Prosecco Rosé

Pop a bottle of this bubbly rosé with friends, and enjoy its fresh bouquet of wild berries and light effervescence. Its crisp nature makes it a great pair for dressed-up cheese boards, fresh fruit, and nuts.

Josh Cellars

Le Pas du Moine Rose 2018

Though this wine hails from the classic rosé region of Cotes de Provence, it lacks the bold, herbaceous flavors commonly found in those rosés. Instead, you'll find notes of exotic fruits like passion fruit, lychee, and papaya. But it's that interesting blend of Mediterranean fruits and classic French technique that make this wine delicious and supremely refreshing.

Chateau Gassier
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