mini skin-care kit

Craving Some New Skin Care? Consider a Mini Kit

Sample your products before you commit.

Testing out a new beauty product, especially skin care, can be a dangerous game. On one hand, any newness in our bathroom cabinets is exciting because that serum or moisturizer might up your glow factor exponentially. On the other hand, you could experience irritation, breakouts, or realize that you wasted your money on something that simply doesnt work for you (despite a friend’s wholehearted recommendation). That’s why we love scooping up products in mini form. It’s less of a commitment in terms of pricing, and theres not as much guilt if you only use the product a few times. Even better if it comes as part of a set that targets multiple skin concerns, like dryness or hyperpigmentation. They’re also cute! And who doesn’t want that?

Shop seven of our favorite mini beauty sets below.

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Sephora Favorites Mini Summer Essentials Set, $39

With this kit you can try eight different products across skin, makeup, and hair for a fraction of the price. We’re guessing your next ride-or-die product is in here, no question.
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