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Kim Kimble’s Secret to Beyoncé-Level Blowouts Is Only $34

And the six other hair essentials she's always reaching for.

Welcome to I Swear By This, an interview series where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use down to the last drop. This week, we asked hair expert Kim Kimble, go-to stylist to the stars, to share all the products she can't get enough of.

If they've landed on your hair moodboard, it's very likely that they've passed through Kim Kimble's chair. From Ariana Debose's retro finger waves at this year's Met Gala to Jodie Turner-Smith's angelic bantu knots, to Kerry Washington's sleek Sade-esque pony at the Emmys, the Chicago-native is known to create hair moments that are equal parts inventive and IG feed-friendly. She's also the stylist behind Beyoncé's most awe-inducing hair statements, from Lemonade to her iconic Coachella performance to Black Is King. Her most legendary moment? She styled Beyonce's 2003 "Crazy In Love" video and Zendaya's tribute to the look at the 2021 BET Awards.

But on top of creating styles we can swoon over, she's dedicated her career to introducing products that will allow us to actually recreate them. Over the pandemic, she launched a self-titled hair-care line with Walmart, and her priority is always to create what she would actually want to work with. And after using the extra time during lockdown to transition her hair back to its natural texture, her needs are different. "I make the kind of products I want to use," she tells us of her product line. "And because I know how they're made, I feel good using them."

Now that salons are open again, she's working with American Express to help stylists navigate working in a post-pandemic world. Since her own California salon was closed for nearly a year, the issue hits close to home for Kimble. "We had to rethink what the salon was going to be like," she said. "I did everything from digital consultations on Zoom to packaging products and kits to help them maintain their hair while they were at home."

Below, scroll through all of the products that Kimble keeps in regular rotation for herself and her clients.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

"I'm into natural body oils. From coconut to avocado oils to jojoba oils, that's what I use on my skin. I'll blend them myself and sometimes I'll put essential oils in there to create different fragrances and address different needs. Sometimes I even put them in my hair for a hot oil treatment."

Garden of Life

Vanille Gourmande Eau Gourmande

"For Christmas I tell everybody to buy me this. I put it on every single day but it still lasts me a year. I love the smell of it, it smells so sweet. It's perfect for the holidays but I use it year-round. Since I love natural scents, this is a great fit—it literally smells like vanilla."

Laura Mercier

Perk Up Dry Shampoo

"I use this to create texture and body. Or if your hair is dirty and you haven't had a chance to wash it. For curly hair, it can take some of the moisture out, so I don't know if this is something that I would recommend for those textures. If you have curly hair that's oily and you just want to add some body, I think that this is definitely something you can use to create more body in the roots. But a lot of times for curly textures, we try to push moisture and hydration because it makes the curls act better. It's not something I would put on the ends, but I would use this at the root (if they were oily) to fluff it up a little bit."


Root Canal Volumising Spray

"I use this to create volume at the roots for blowouts. With curly textures, the hair creates a lot of volume on its own but for finer textures, this would help to give the roots a little volume."


Create 6-in-1 Styler

"I really like this. It's good for styling, but I mainly use it for blow drying. I love the multipurpose element."


Edge Taming Pomade

"I use this not only to tame my edges and do my baby hairs, but when I want to slick my hair back in a tight bun, I use this. It's great for all styling needs. It's definitely a go-to."

Kim Kimble

Scalp Relief

"This has a peppermint oil, so it creates a tingling sensation. A lot of times I'm itching when I have my hair in braids, wigs, or weaves. It uses essential oils to keep your hair smelling fresh and keeps it clean while it's in a protective style. It also stimulates the scalp and leaves everything feeling refreshed."

Kim Kimble
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