Wellness Gives Kelly Wearstler the Foundation to Uphold Her Busy Schedule

These are the essentials she can’t live without.

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Photographed by Chantal Anderson

Kelly Wearstler has expanded beyond the scope of the average interior designer. Today, she designs her own product line, collaborates with artists, and works on both residential and commercial products—plus, she has a family life to maintain. Oh, and then she has to find time to actually be inspired as a creative. Needless to say, wellness is not so much a possibility but rather a necessity if she is to maintain her busy schedule. It also helps her avoid panic mode. This means gleaning tips from her favorite wellness podcasts, keeping in shape, and lots of sunscreen.

“Running a business, yes, it can be stressful,” she says. “Things happen, but I'm pretty resilient, and what's the worst thing that can happen? We're all healthy, so you just have to deal.” All these tactics in tandem allow her to reap the most benefits from doing what she loves, a concept that reigns supreme in this equation. “Feeling the love from your friends and family is the best for wellness.” Below, Wearstler takes us through the essentials that keep the aesthete happy and healthy.

Ring Generation 3

“The Oura Ring is an accurate sleep tracker, which provides really valuable insights on how you should function depending on your sleep.”


Huberman Lab

“I have a list of wellness-focused podcasts providing a wealth of information: Huberman Lab podcast, Lifespan with David Sinclair, and The Peter Attia Drive.”

Scicomm Media

OI Shampoo

“My go-to shampoo and conditioning treatment.”


Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

“Sunscreen is imperative when living in California.”


Vital Skin Foundation Stick

“I like to keep my makeup routine simple and this easy application foundation stick is perfect for a quick touch-up on the go.”

Westman Atelier

Single Subscription

“I mix this powder with water before I work out, and it is filled with supplements for health, energy, and more.”

Athletic Greens
$99 $79

Hyaluronic Serum

“I love to put this on before my moisturizer to give my skin a real glow.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm
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