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Instagram Is Inspiring Our Makeup Looks Again

Here's what we've been loving for spring.

instagram makeup

Springtime is officially here, meaning that people all over the northern hemisphere are slowly stripping themselves of thick puffer jackets and are slipping into breathable linen and light coats. As far as those of us in the beauty world go, we're slowly making our way into the world of bright and fun pops of color in our makeup. We've been inspired by Instagram before for our makeup and nail looks, so it's only natural that we turn to this social media app to find out which looks we'll be dabbling in this spring. If you're wondering who we've been obsessing over lately, no worries, we don't like to keep secrets. Here are a few of our favorite makeup looks that popped up on our feeds this spring.

Technicolor Play

This look is the epitome of spring, reminding us of the season where life explodes, creating a medley of colors on a scape that once looked bare. To achieve this look, simply apply each color one at a time to the eye area with a flat shader brush. After you apply all the colors, blend them in with one another using a blending brush. Of course, take your time with this masterpiece—if you feel you need more oomph in the vibrancy of your shadow, reapply the color using the same technique until you achieve your desired opacity. This look is perfect for pairing with an otherwise bare face, along with your personal favorite my lips but better lip gloss shade.

Periwinkle Dream

If you are a fan of makeup or fashion, you likely already follow Jazzelle (@uglyworldwide) for her eclectic styles that make us go down a winding road of striking colors and dreamy designs. We are so here for this frosted look that screams early 2000s while adding a 2021 city-dweller edge. To achieve this look:

  1. Apply an icy shadow all over the lid, crease, and lower lash line.
  2. After your eyeshadow is complete, apply a slightly darker shimmer shadow of the same color family to your lash line, and extend the color into a wing.
  3. Swipe on black pencil liner to your waterline, tight line, and finish the look off with a few coats of mascara and a nude coral lip.

Prismatique Eyes

Surratt Beauty

Neon Freckles

No matter how big or how small, makeup is an expression of what's inside—so why not adorn your lids with a subtle yet intense pop of color? This look is great if you are looking to get into wearing fun colors for the first time, but only have a few minutes before your docket full of Zoom meetings. Simply dot a cake liner or cream shadow around your eyes in whichever shape you prefer, add a bit of mascara, and you are good to go.

Hydra FX

SUVA Beauty

'90s Nude

It's only natural that a brown lippie would resurface during the revival of '90s style that continues to follow us into 2021. This brown lipstick look on Barbie Ferreira is what we imagine one would wear to an underground rave in '90s Manchester—yet brown lipstick can be more simplistic than that. Consider pairing brown lipstick with pink or nude eyeshadow and a coral blush for a streamlined makeup look that will pair perfectly with your tailored outfit of the day.

Lipstick Aroma


Matte Revolution Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury

Crisp Hovering Liner

Liquid eyeliner had its moment in 2020, and for good reasons, too. Liquid liner is a great way to define the lash line, create crisp lines that accentuate your eye's shape, or draw tattoo-like looks onto the eyes with clean edges. This look is particularly exciting, as it allows you to rock a hovering liner look that will open the eyes while still accentuating the shape of your eye with a sharp wing. To achieve this look:

  1. Apply a colored liquid liner of your choice across the space between your crease and brow, and bring the tail of that line down towards the corner of your eye.
  2. Apply a black liquid liner in the shape of a wing onto your lash line.
  3. Apply a pencil liner to your lower lash line and finish with a quick coat of mascara.

Lid Lick


Glaze To The Max Duo

$39 $32

Dual-Toned Chic

We've been obsessed with monochromatic eyeshadow looks, but it's time to bring an additional color into the mix. Don't worry if this look is too editorial for you—as much as we love the idea of wearing shadow (and have done it!) all the way to the brow, it might not bode well during your daily trip to the coffee shop. You can undoubtedly sheer the color out and stop at your crease to enjoy the beauty that is two colors at play. Whether you are working with matte shadows, shimmer shadows, or metallic colors, apply one color to your entire lid and crease. Then apply your second color to your entire lower lash line. Finish the look off with lip oil, et, voilà, your look is complete. Yes, it's as simple as that.

Yeux Paint

Violette FR

Threeway Solid Lip Oil

Deck of Scarlet
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