spring makeup looks

5 Makeup Artists Share Their Favorite ​Spring Looks

It's all about being bold this season.

The start of spring is often filled with an exciting energy that lifts our moods, sparks inspiration, and injects a fresh approach into our beauty routines—as if we need any excuse to try new products.

With 2020 served as a time where we perhaps paired back our experimentation, the new season is set to burst with color, vibrancy, and truly stellar beauty looks to obsess over. From the modern take on 'natural glam' to bright lips and luminous skin, we asked some of our favorite makeup artists what they're dreaming up for spring. Their answers, tips, and go-to products below.

Tasha Reiko Brown

Clients include CHANEL Beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alicia Keys, and Gabrielle Union

What look are you most excited to see this spring?

"Spring historically signifies new beginnings. Seasonal symbolism alludes to blooming, freshness, and growth. The light brightens and so do earth's color palettes when spring flowers bloom. There's an abundance of brightness and your makeup palette should be no different."

How would you replicate this look?

1. "Prep skin with coverage as needed for a fresh, clean, a satin complexion, really taking the time to blend down into the skin so coverage is undetectable.

2. "Skip bronzers and contour tools, the overall finished look is a bright flush across cheeks, lips, and lids.

3. "On fully prepped skin, apply a bold cream blush like Les Beiges Blush 21 across the apples of your cheeks and gently blend back along cheekbones.

4. "With a dense eyeshadow brush apply a rose toned color on the lids.

5. "Follow with a fluffy loosely packed eyeshadow brush and diffuse shadow edges outwards for bold color with soft well blended edges.

6. "Follow with two coats of mascara.

7. "On the lips, apply a natural plum or rose like Chanel's Rouge Coco Bloom Lipstick in 'Freshness' to complete the bold floral makeup.

"To translate this, look on deeper skin tones, turn roses shades into berries, blush shades into wine. Floral shades look especially amazing on deeper tones. Choose colors that have a richer quality on melanin sun kissed skin."

Gucci Westman

MUA & Founder of Westman Atelier

spring makeup looks

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci Westman

Share your go-to mood for spring?

"Bright lips with clean and luminous skin!!"

To achieve this look?

1. "I love to start with my lips when I'm working with a bright color. You use less makeup everywhere else, which feels really fresh and clean for spring. Start by using the Lip Brush and then apply a bright color such as a fuschia, starting in the middle of your lips and working outwards. (A hack: use a touch of foundation on a foundation brush to wipe away any mistakes).

2. "Apply foundation only where you need it to keep skin looking more natural.

3. "Glide a highlight onto the tops of cheeks, cheekbones, cupid's bow, and tear ducts for a facial-fresh glow.

4. "Reach for a matte bronzer for a more authentic kiss of color and sweep in a horizontal motion over the cheeks, eyelids, temples, and forehead. If you want a touch more color, dab a bit of the fuchsia shade from your lips onto the apples of your cheeks!

5. "Don't forget your brows. They frame your entire face. Fill them in if needed and brush them up. I like to use an angled brow pencil in a slightly darker shade.

6. "For the finishing touch, coat lashes in a pitch-black mascara, like Eye Love You."

If you had to describe spring in three words?

"Joyful, optimistic, bright!!"

Lip Suede

Westman Atelier

Lit Up Highlight Stick

Westman Atelier

Emily Cheng

Clients include Yara Shahidi, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Ella Mai, and Janelle Monáe

What is your mood for spring?

"I've given myself such a break from makeup so I'm excited about expressing yourself through makeup. Whether it is a bright liner, a swash of glitter in the corner/under your eye or a fun shape stamped/drawn on the corner of your eye. Whilst we have to keep wearing a mask, have fun playing with makeup around the eyes, test new colors, new techniques, be organic, and use your fingers and have fun with it."

Your step-by-step tutorial?"

"You can play with any of these techniques with a completely bare eye so it's quick, or pair it with mascara to mix and match.

"For glitter, I like taking it with my finger and dabbing it on the inner/outer corners. Or using a dense brush and place it along the bottom lash line. Keep it organic!

"For shapes, Milk Makeup has stamps that make it super quick, or you can do one on the outer corner of just one eye or a couple for variation. The Doublemoss Arte Brushes give you so much control and you can create any shape you want with any color you want. So far, Mario's Master Manipulator has worked well with so many powder shadows—the color choices are endless.

"For bright liner or shadow, try to keep it tight to the lash line if trying color for the first time, or you can do your usual eye look and line your waterline with a vibrant color instead!

"If replicating the look on paler or darker skin tones, then I love a light peach glitter on fairer skin and a rich royal blue on deeper skin—the contrast is so beautiful."

Primero Brush Set

Doublemoss Arte

Naoko Scintu

Clients Include: Adriana Lima, Florence Pugh, Kai Gerber, and Emrata

How would you define your favorite look for spring?

"I'm all about fresh dewy skin and for spring, a gorgeous color on the eyes and lips for some excitement!"

How would you inject color this spring?

1. "For the skin, I would first prime using a super hydrating primer—the one from Armani Beauty is a dream.

2. "Foundation wise, I love to use Armani Beauty's Luminous Silk Foundation and Luminous Silk Concealer as it melts into the skin and the finish is beautiful as a base.

3. "For the flash of vibrancy, use the same color on the eyes and lips, and powder the eyelids after application.

4. "You could even use the same lipstick on the cheeks as a muted blush, to bring the whole look together.

5. "Finish off with a cream highlighter on the cheekbones."

Deanna Hagan

Clients Include Vogue, Violet Grey, Marie Claire, and Elle

spring makeup looks

Photo: Courtesy of Deanna Hagan

What look are you most excited to see this spring?

"I'm excited to explore and play with softly perfected skin, richly hued eyes, and floral stained lips."

How would you achieve this look?

1. "Prep the skin properly by using your favorite anti-blemish products, Vitamin C to brighten the eyes, eye gels to hydrate the eye area, and a lip mask to transform the lips from post-winter dryness.

2. "Use a foundation that's flexible in coverage for a flawless luminescent complexion.

3. "Frame the eyes using a bright jewel-toned eyeshadow or kohl liner and blend the tones together. You can extend ever so slightly to draw out the shape of the eye.

4. "Mascara on the top and bottom.

5. "Stain the lips with a vibrant lip color such as a blood range or deep salmon and whilst drying apply a blush and blot with tissues.

6. "Apply your blush sheerly and highly on the cheeks."

Describe your mood for the season ahead?

"Vibrant, opulent, and radiant!"

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