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The Floors in This Surrey Home Are Made of Actual Gold

And yet, it’s surprisingly comfortable! In collaboration with Huggle.

The Floors in This Surrey Home Are Made of Actual Gold

There are many, many ways to do statement-making homes. You could go all out with color and pattern, or look for a glass-walled cabin by the sea. You could let a renowned interior designer have her way with the space, or invite all your designer friends to make pieces for your downtown loft. Or, if you’re Valerie Stark, you could design a massive garden with a greenhouse, a grotto, a cinema with the softest fur throws on pillowy couches for your friends to lounge on, and an *actual* spa that’s better than most of the professional ones we visit.

Stark’s Surrey home has all of those things—it’s huge and rambling, with more surprise rooms and delightful elements than we can list—but more than anything, it’s comfortable. Think massive-entryway-closet-with-shearling-slippers-in-every-size-for-your-guests comfortable.

By now you’ve heard all about the Huggle founder’s app, and you’ve delved deep into her closet, but if you’re anything like us, you’re probably dying to see the rest of that massive home. Well, the time has come!

Click through to (finally!) get the full tour of her space.

“I maybe have played pool once; this was built for friends. I often ask people what they’d like, and they all said a pool table. I said no to a popcorn machine because I don’t want to have any extra food in the house. [laughs] I wanted this room to be bright and kind of crazy. This green sofa is the craziest. It’s quite dark because it’s a party room, so it can afford to have bright colors. And I actually drew this carpet myself. There is [a] company in Chelsea Harbor that specializes in carpets, and I picked the colors and drew the pattern, and they agreed to make this bespoke carpet.”
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