Kirna Zabête’s CEO is Living in Your Dream Home

Pick your jaw up off the floor and come step inside.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

Talk about a tease: getting to Beth Buccini’s house is, for those of us who typically stay within the environs of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, a bit of a trek—one that’s very much worth it. There’s the two-hour drive to outlying Philadelphia—scratch that; the full-on Pennsylvanian countryside—and then, you navigate the narrow roads, reach her gate, and then follow a very, very long driveway through the hills to her built-from-scratch XXL home. Arriving after your journey to a home as beautiful as Buccini’s, however, is a feeling akin to eating your first bite of bread and freshly churned butter after an hour-long wait for a table.

There’s also the fact that we knew Buccini’s home would very much be worth the mission. See, her taste is to be trusted. As CEO of Kirna Zabête, our very favorite boutique in New York (and now in East Hampton and Bryn Mawr, soon to be Palm Beach), she pushes the envelope with fashion—and we expected as much with her home. See below: we were not disappointed. Hello, dreamland! And while we know you can see for yourself the crazy-amazing colors, furnishings, and light fixtures, what you can’t know from the photos is just how many times we got lost (seriously) trying to navigate from her closet (coming soon!) to living room number two.

Click through the pictures to find out just how many paint colors adorn her walls and why she “had a love affair” with her interior designer, Steven Gambrel. And stay tuned for part 2 of our feature with Buccini...her closet.


“I worked with Steven Gambrel on my store, and he did this house! First, he did the house and I was like, ‘Oh my god, you have to do my stores!’ We had such a love affair. He did the New York store when we moved in 2013, and the Bryn Mawr store, and he’s going to do the Palm Beach store. He really understands my spirit—he takes my ideas and ups them.”

“We built this house from scratch. We worked with an Italian architect. The firm is out of New York, called Cicognani Kalla. Pietro Cicognani was so wonderful to work with. We actually started working on the house when we only had three children. We’d bought this piece of land and figured we would move here eventually. We weren’t in any huge rush and so we were slowly going through the process. We did three kids’ bedrooms and I said, ‘You know, I really think I’m going to have a fourth kid. I’m not pregnant, but I really think we’re gonna have a fourth.’ We need to put another kid's bedroom in there. By the time we moved here, Sheppard was three.”

“The wall of photos is another favorite thing. They go back. I started on the wall in my first married apartment and we’ve expanded it with every place that we’ve moved to. All you have to do is find and remember the name of the frame that you have and try to use the same framer. They go all the way back to my great-great-grandparents! I think it’s wonderful for the children to see their heritage and grow up around that.”

“I absolutely love New York and I left kicking and screaming for sure. But in this phase with the children and where we are, I don’t miss living there. My husband and I always say, ‘We are moving back!’ We will definitely spend more time there when the children are out of the house. But I didn’t expect to enjoy and appreciate the peace of living in the country as much as I do. I’ve found that, creatively, it’s very nourishing. The children have such a carefree life here and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

“This room is my favorite room. I think the pink is so magical and the lights are so fabulous. I love the big chandelier. All I said was I want this room to be pink and Steven took it up a notch.”

“I call this my Dries Van Noten couch. Steven picked the fabric and it has most unfortunately been discontinued. Nothing can ever happen to this couch! It’s my favorite. It’s where we take all the family pictures on Thanksgiving and Christmas—that’s where I make everyone sit.”

“We already had the architecture all laid out and Steven [our interior designer] said, ‘The architecture is absolutely perfect, yes, let’s definitely do this project!’ We did it very quickly. I am very decisive. We basically sat in his office one day—it feels like it wasn't even two hours—and we went through every room. There were three or four choices for every room in terms of ‘This is the couch. This is the chair.’ I would tweak things around or I'd take one from the other, but he really spot-on got me. It was a super efficient process.”

“What my husband wanted for the outside, I didn't want, so I said, ‘You know what, let's make a deal, you get the outside and I get the inside.’ That was our deal! And I got the inside! [laughs]”

“I told [our interior designer] that I want you to go absolutely wild with color. I love color! He said, ‘I think you actually love color more than I love color!’ [laughs] Also, what I like about Steven is I'm from Virginia and he’s from Virginia and we both went to UVA. I felt like he understood that southern Virginian thing that I needed to have nods to in my home. I told him 'happy' and I said I don’t want the children to feel that it’s so precious. We are an active, lively family with four little kids. He was great about that too.”

“I hate that idea of ‘that room is off limits, don't sit on that!’ I wanted it to be fun. I always say I want this to be the house where all of my children’s friends want to come. There is a pond down the hill and they catch frogs down there in the summer. There is the Brandywine River at the bottom of the hill and we’ll kayak down that. We have horses ten minutes away. The girls and I are really big riders.”

“There are 82 colors of paint in this house.

"Steven and I chose them in two and a half hours. It was mind boggling. We had poster boards with a ton of color choices, we'd already picked the palettes for the upholstery, then we laid everything out on site so you could get a sense of the light.”

“I love my office in this house. What is so great is my office looks out into the front, so I can always see when the kids are coming back and forth and running around. I work there a lot. Before I had the store in Pennsylvania I would take the kids to school and work from there if I wasn’t going into the city that day.”

“I really wanted a big kitchen. In any home the kitchen is the heart of the home. Boy, has that been unbelievably true in this house! There is a little couch in the kitchen and every Saturday morning all six of us snuggle up on the loveseat couch. We are always in the kitchen and I love that.”