This Kelly Wearstler-Designed Home Is the Right Kind of Over-the-Top

It even has a room its owner calls the “Exorcist Room.”

By: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Alec Kugler

Remember when we first went to Whitney Caseys house and hung out with her and Brooklyn Decker and talked all about their new wardrobe platform, Finery? Yes? Great, because we loved Whitney and her bonkers home so much, we had to give you the full tour.

Whitney is the kind of person we’d like to do pretty much everything with—especially if her dog, Cowboy, is along for the ride, and seeing her totally over-the-top apartment only made us that much more sure that we’re secretly soul mates. Everything—from the oversized kitchen to the actual stage built into her living room—was made for fun in this house, and everywhere we turned, there was something to look at.

And that all makes sense, considering the entire thing was designed by Kelly Wearstler, and is so Wearstler it looks like a peek directly into her brain. Oh, and if that closet looks tempting (it does!!), don’t worry, we’re going there very soon.

Click through to see the whole shebang and to hear the greatest story ever about her fabulous dog, Cowboy.

“Winston Churchill’s granddaughter lives on the second floor. The building is steeped with history. He just died recently, but Winston Churchill’s granddaughter’s husband was an architect and told me all about the building; he gave me all the history about it. Of course, now it’s 107 years old, so we had to gut it.”

“The closet is my favorite room. That’s where we have most of our conversations. So many things have happened in that closet. Any woman that’s here, we have a girls’ weekend or I have my husband’s kids over, there’s always a private conversation, sidebar, that is happening in that closet. My sister died last year, and so I cried on the floor of that closet and rejoiced about being engaged in that closet. It’s so crazy that the smallest room in the house is where we spend the most time. It’s our heart—the heart of our apartment.”

“[In The Exorcist,] the girl’s head spins around, and she throws up. This could be that or the Rorschach test. It has a lot of imagination. The wall covering is a splatter, and it’s all handmade. There is no pattern that is the same. My husband and I will sit there some nights and be like, ‘What do you see?’ ‘What do you see?’ That is very Rorschach-test.”

“[My dog,] Cowboy, is the best. He’s six. Cowboy has a brother that I bought for my mom; brother from another mother. We got him in Austin, and he basically just runs the joint. He hangs out with me, nobody else. He also has another brother called Big Tex….”

“Next time you go to Marfa, go to the burrito lady—in Marfa, there’s this one burrito place, and she’s an older woman. Cowboy’s twin is with her. [The first time I went there] she had this dog all on the wall, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this dog is so cute.’ She was like, ‘He just died yesterday, a car ran over him.’ She was just sobbing! I was the harbinger of bad news for so long that I was like, ‘Why did I even ask…’ We went home, got Cowboy, and I called the breeder and was like, ‘Do you have another dog?’ She was like, ‘Yea.’ We got everything taken care of because we didn’t want to deliver this dog to this woman and then she’d have to get it neutered and whatever. Then, we just had someone deliver him to her. She has no idea who gave the dog to her.”

“To this day she doesn’t know. We have friends in Austin who’ll go, and we say, ‘When you go, will you check on the burrito dog? Go get a burrito and see if there’s [a] dog that looks like Cowboy.’ I can’t exactly call her and be like, ‘Is the dog still around?’”

“It’s so crazy because we spent 20 minutes with her, but she was sobbing. But there’s a picture of her with the dog. My friend brought her kid with her to Marfa, and they gave her the dog. They said, ‘They just wanted you to have something you love like you loved the last dog.’ Then she took this picture, and it will break your heart. She’s standing there and she looks so happy, and the dog looks just like Cowboy. When we got it neutered, it fell off the couch at the breeder’s, and then had a broken leg. We were like, ‘We have to fix the leg, we can’t give her a broken dog.’ I was just like, we’re going to end up keeping this dog. Then I thought, ‘No, this was meant to be.’ The dog is strong and healthy. Everybody goes and takes pictures and sends them back to us. They still don’t know who gave them the dog.”

“He’s Cowboy’s brother. It’s just one of those things, my husband is great like that. He loves doing adventures like that with me. That’s his jam, this [gesturing around the house] is not. He doesn’t care about any of this.”

“This is a 107-year-old building. It’s so cool; the first elevator in downtown Manhattan was here. And actually, in all of Manhattan, because everything was on Broadway. It used to be the first big jewelry store that all the fancy people went to—that was the first five floors of this building. It was a fur vault too. It’s got a lot of history.”

“I’ve always really looked up to [Kelly Wearstler]. She’s so bold. I like that kind of hyperbolic look. Not necessarily for my fashion, sometimes, but I love that when you walk in, some people either love it or hate it, or just don’t understand it. I don’t like the grey area. That’s what Kelly is. There’s nothing grey about her.”

“[My husband] is such a minimalist in that he doesn’t care about any of this. He could have it be nothing or everything, and I love that about him. Look at his closet, he doesn’t care. He’s like, ‘Whatever you dress me in, fantastic.’ Everything is about what he knows and I love that about him.”