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Our Staff Shares Their Ultimate Valentine’s Day Wish Lists

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, gift inspiration abounds!

As is the case with any gift-giving holiday, Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse to spend a ridiculous amount of time curating a wish list—even if you don’t plan on gifting anyone but yourself. Though not conducive to hitting deadlines, it can be fun to lose yourself in the online quest to find the perfect cashmere throw blanket or newest addition to your or your lover’s jewelry collection. With that in mind, we’ve asked our staffers to share the most indulgent items they’re coveting at this particular moment. The results are intriguing—everything from a diamond tennis bracelet to Air Force 1s to sour gummies. Regardless of whether you plan to show your list to a loved one or use it to plan your next self-gift, we hope this offers you a little inspiration, all in the spirit of love.

Jessica Teves, Head of Content

David Crandall Custom 18k Yellow Gold Pinky Ring

I had David Crandall reset my engagement ring last year in an 18 k yellow gold chunky gypsy style, and the results were stunning. So now I’m getting an itch for a custom pinky ring, too! Besides this man being an absolute creative genius and craftsman, what I loved so much about the piece was that I was involved in the process. We worked together on sketches and then wax molds until we got to a place that was sheer perfection. I honestly can’t think of anything better than a piece of jewelry you had a part in creating, especially with someone as lovely as David.

Nike Air Force 1 High by You

After a recent foot surgery, I’m favoring comfort over just about anything, but that doesn’t mean I need to compromise on style. These customized Air Force 1s fit the bill, and with Nike’s personalization technology, it’s almost as much fun to create as it is to wear.


India Armory Lapis Buttercup Placemats Set with Dinner Napkins

There’s nothing I love more than a beautifully set table, and this darling set from India Armory is going to be so elegant mixed and matched with colored glasses and different china patterns. For those not familiar, India Armory uses a traditional Indian block print technique that has been used for thousands of years and is considered an art form passed on from generation to generation.


Leya Kaufman, Head of Sales

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

A girl can dream, and I’ve been dreaming about the Royal Oak for years. This watch just catches the light in a way that no other timepiece could. It’s also casual enough to pass for an everyday watch, but still inherently special. This is a gift that would truly stand the test of time (pun intended). So I’ll continue to dream about it for every gifting occasion.


Sugarfina Pucker Up 2 Piece Candy Bento Box

I’d blame pregnancy for my insatiable sweet tooth, but I’ve always been a dessert girl. There’s also nothing I love more than candy and no candy I love more than assorted sour gummies that double as decor. They melt my heart every single time. Luckily, that’s the point of this holiday, right?


Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée Pearls of Gold Variation Ring

This Perlée piece is at the top of my wish list because it manages to be delicate and daring at the same time. I could see myself rocking this ring every single day, and I know that it would pair well with anything. At the same time, it makes a subtle statement for a middle or pointer finger ring—its varying gold beads make an impact that’s just somewhat unexpected. I love it.


Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor

Kinn Diana Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Jewelry is always the way to my heart, but as extensive as my collection already is, I’ve never had (and always wanted) a classic tennis bracelet. Many brands offer the popular style, which means you can find a range of price points, but I’m partial to this 14 k yellow gold option from Kinn, an RJC-certified female-founded company out of L.A. I’ll happily keep this on my wrist with anything from a little black dress to a cotton boilersuit.


Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

These are my all-time favorite sheets. They truly get softer and comfier the more you wash them. I never thought I’d be one to love a super-minimalist bed setup, but the creamy colorway is the most soothing cloudlike thing to sink into at the end of a long day. Treat yourself or your partner for V Day, and thank me later.

$159 $143

Ben Soleimani Ribbed Cashmere Oversized Throw

Apparently I just wanted to be covered in diamonds and cozy stuff for Valentine’s Day, and I mean, hey, there are worse things. Cashmere is my ultimate weakness, and this luxe oversize throw is just begging to come live on my bed or couch. We all deserve it after the craziness of the last 12 months! I’ll be wrapped up like a human burrito in this until spring.


Alex Bair, Senior Manager, Sales and Brand Partnerships

Prada Brushed Leather Mini Pouch

I never met a mini bag I didn’t love. If you share this sentiment, you probably have various tabs saved that lead to your favorite ones of the moment. For me, my absolute must-have right now is this leather mini pouch from Prada. I love that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap and is simple enough to wear with both your most elegant attire and everyday sweats.


Celine 70’s Trench Coat

As soon as springtime rolls around, I am on the hunt for the perfect light coat to add to my closet. I’m obsessed with the ’70s style, print, and color of this Celine trench. Plus, it gives me major Jackie O vibes—what’s not to love?


Marc Jacobs The Traveler Tote Bag

Living in New York, I always have additional items I’m lugging around, be it workout clothes, groceries, new purchases, UPS packages—the list goes on. Historically, I’ve resorted to using one of the countless canvas shopping bags stuffed under my kitchen sink, which is why I was so excited when I discovered this tote bag from Marc Jacobs. Finally, I’ll be able to retire all those old canvas bags and replace them with this stylish yet functional tote to carry anything I need at a moment’s notice!


Abby Miller, Head of Creative and Production

Allume Green Dream Tarot Deck

This one is for all my witchy sisters out there (I know I’m not the only one). This gorgeous tarot card deck from Allume is perfect for those looking to get into the art of tarot reading. This deck is especially luxe, featuring leaf print and gold foil, making it a great coffee-table accessory.


Loftie Clock

This is a self-care wellness gift that I am really trying to commit to, because what could be a better gift than the gift of sleep? I hate to admit it, but I am guilty of bringing my phone into bed and late-night scrolling (*cough* TikTok). The Loftie alarm clock encourages you to leave your phone out of the bedroom and instead opt in for their custom content playable right on the device, including guided meditations, sound baths, breathwork exercises, sleep playlists, etc. Anyone else who suffers from insomnia should be adding this to their carts immediately.


Simon Miller Terry Slide

Honesty, ever since I saw Chelsea Hansford waltzing around her chic L.A. home in these house slippers, I have not been able to get them out of my head. If we’re all going to be stuck inside for Valentine’s Day, can we at least do it in chic house slippers? These pop-of-color beauties also feature the comfort of terry cloth…need I say more?


Camille Freestone, Associate Style Editor

Totême Roll-Neck Wool-Blend Bib

While some may swoon over embellishments and loud prints, my heart skips a beat when I see interesting, minimalist silhouettes from brands like Totême. This sort-of-a-sweater-but-not creation is the perfect layering staple for the ever-fluctuating heat in my apartment and is currently presiding at the top of my wish list.


Farmgirl Flowers White Tee

Fresh flowers are a splurge that I repeatedly justify. I cannot emphasize enough how much joy it brings me to walk into my living room and see a fragrant bouquet on my dining table. For Valentine’s Day I might have to spring for this minimalist assortment.


Cartier Tank Solo Watch

In a perfect world, this watch would arrive at my doorstep this Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I could come up with a more perfect, timeless accessory than this right here. For now, I’m keeping my eye on a few vintage versions at a lower price point, but maybe someday, right?

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