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Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind House of Aama

Plus their tips for ultimate productivity at home.

house of aama
Rachel Pickus
Each week we’re checking in with friends to see how they’re finding balance, working from home, and generally evolving and advancing their careers. This week we chatted with the mother-daughter duo behind House of Aama, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka. They shared some enlightening pro tips around productivity at home. Among them: Start your days with meditation and affirmations, and end your days with delicious Ethiopian honey wine. More from this inspiring design duo below! 

How do you start your days?

“We both start our days with meditation, affirmations, and breathing exercises to set our intentions for the day.”

Are you incorporating movement or exercise into your routine? If yes, anything you’re loving at the moment?

“Akua starts her day with yoga, meditation, and then tea to set her intentions and start her day. Akua is also an avid tarot reader and pulls a daily spread in the morning to see what the day has in store for her.”

Talk to us a little bit about your work environment right now. Are you back in the office, or working remotely from home?

“We have always worked out of our home, so when the coronavirus lockdowns began in March, we used the extra time at home to double down on our intentions to grow our business.”


What are the most critical things needed for creativity and to survive a workday?

“Rebecca focuses on meditation and mindfulness to clear her mind of negativity and to allow each new day to present itself anew.”

How do you stay focused and motivated throughout the day? Any tricks you can share?

“Rebecca checks in with herself during the day and attempts to maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity about the day and what each day has to offer.

“Akua has daily check-ins and five- to ten-minute breathing sessions.

“We both find ocean and nature sounds incredibly relaxing and do not hesitate to turn on our Calm app to soothe ourselves, even during the middle of the day.”

It’s a tricky time in our world, and economically speaking, it’s unclear what the future holds. How do you foresee this time impacting your industry?

“This is a time of unprecedented change and opportunity in the fashion industry. As a DTC business, we have been able to thrive during this time, expand our customer acquisition, increase sales, explore retail opportunities, and continue to engage with our expanding customer base. We are focused on harnessing the opportunities that we have been presented with during these times and growing our business.”

From a creative standpoint, who or what has been your biggest influence?

“Actual everyday people who go about their day with an individual sense of style that comes from just living a joyful life and literally wearing that inner joy on the outside. Real people with intriguing cultures—with a distinct sense of style.”

Tell us a little bit about your style right now.

“Comfortable clothes made from cotton, breathable materials, and stretchy fabrics.”

What’s your go-to uniform?

“Since we are working so much from home, we are living in our Silhouette Collectibles Collection of hoodies and t-shirts.”

Are there any style essentials you rely on for your fall/winter wardrobe?

Akua Shabaka: “A long trench coat is a must. I’m loving my brown nude Yana Cognac boot by Miista. I love a long knit skirt—I try to wear as little pants as possible. Lastly, a high-neck turtleneck, preferably in a bright color.”

Let’s switch gears for a minute: Are there any beauty products essential to your day-to-day?

AS:Youth to the People Cleanser or Epi.Logic glycolic cleanser, rose water, hyaluronic acid, Supergoop sunscreen, vitamin C serum.”

Superfood Cleanser

Youth to the People


Heritage Store
How do you unwind at the end of the day?

“We unwind with a good meal, a movie or show to take our mind away from the stressors of the day, and a little snack like Van Leeuwen non-dairy ice cream.”

Cocktails? Recipe, please!

“We don’t have a cocktail—but we enthusiastically recommend Ethiopian honey wine!”

Photos: Courtesy of Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka

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