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An Ode to Leather Jackets

Just in time for fall.

A leather jacket is without a doubt a must-have staple within any wardrobe. Ranging in various styles and cuts, it’s no wonder why every year we bring out our forever favorite from storage or start our search for the one. This fall is no different, and with the cold weather approaching sooner than we expected, we decided to pay homage to the classic fall essential piece to all.

Originally made popular in the early 1900s during the First World War, soldiers would wear what would become known as leather bomber jackets. Then, in 1928, Irving Schott created the first leather motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson, making it a staple for motorcyclists and rock-and-roll musicians alike, and later an iconic American symbol worldwide. Over the years leather jackets have become more innovative in design and style. Ahead, 15 leather jackets perfect for fall.

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Leather Classic Jacket

Saint Laurent

Leather Blazer


Wynn Jacket


Maverick Leather Jacket

Anine Bing
$1,199 $719

Colette Leather Jacket

The Jacket Maker

Oversized Leather Biker

Avec Les Filles
$319 $175

The Petit Prince

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