18 Reasons Why We’re Loving Rings This Fall

We’re showing our hands a lot of love right now.

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As of late, we’re giving our hands and wrists the utmost attention. With the majority of our faces hidden due to masks—and sunglasses, if that’s your thing—we’re letting our hands do most of the talking this season. From nourishing our skin with luxurious hand creams to finding our signature polish color for autumn—not to mention we’re keeping our wrists on glam with the ultimate investment piece—right now’s the time to give those fingers of yours the TLC they deserve, and nothing says love quite like jewelry. Ahead, 18 rings your jewelry collection needs, ranging in price and style.

Less Than $250

The Year Ring

The M Jewelers

Puzzle Ring

Via Saviene

Less Than $500

Diamond Baby Ring

The Last Line

Offspring 433A Diamond Ring

Georg Jensen Jewelry

Sapphire Scatter Band

Sophie Ratner

More Than $500

Step Ring

Alice Pierre
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