4 Rhinestone Makeup Looks to Try This Fall, Because You Deserve It

Here’s to adding a bit of glamour to your life.

rhinestone eye makeup
September is a bittersweet month for me. It’s a time when I have to reckon with the fact that I can no longer walk around barefoot all day in a white linen dress or go to the beach every weekend. But I also love fall and firmly believe that just because the temperature is dropping, you don’t have to completely forgo fun, colorful fashion or beauty looks. That’s why I’ve not only started painting my nails like a madwoman, but also gluing rhinestones to my face.

You read that right.

Rhinestones are, for lack of a better word, fabulous and surprisingly versatile. They can easily replace an inner-eye highlighter, create a color story all along the lid, or accentuate wings to let people know how well you’ve mastered the art of symmetrical liner. Plus, they’re just plain fun and are guaranteed to bring you joy.

Thanks to all the amazing makeup artists I follow on Instagram and shows like Euphoria, rhinestones have begun to appear in more everyday looks rather than hiding away for special occasions or Halloween. With so much heaviness still in the world, it feels more appropriate than ever to add a little sparkle to our days.

If you want to up the ante of your favorite makeup looks this fall, I present to you four rhinestone-laden makeup looks to try.

Rhinestone Application Tips

First things first—applying rhinestones involves a bit of skill and a whole lot of patience. If you, like me, are one of the many people who struggle with false-lash application, you will undoubtedly need a bit of practice when applying a millimeter-sized stone. So to start, here are the tools you will need to nail your application: toothpicks, clear lash glue, an individual lash extension applicator, a white liquid eyeliner, and lots of micellar water and cotton swabs.
Prep is essential, so please learn from my mistake: You will need a clear and flat surface to arrange your rhinestones before applying. This makes grabbing the tiny gems with a thin, pointed tweezer a breeze. I used an eyeshadow palette to make picking up these bad boys easier. Then you will want to make sure that your eyes are dry so that the glue adheres properly.

After applying whichever color I preferred my base shadow to be, I dabbed a bit of translucent setting powder on top if I felt that my lids were still a bit too slick. Not to worry, however—if you prefer a more glossy lid for your finished look, simply use a bit of setting spray after the final application is complete to reintroduce a glow.

Again, as with anything in life, it’s all about the planning with rhinestone application. I used a white liquid eyeliner to create a design of small white dots around my eye to mark where I would apply the rhinestones. The reasons for this step are twofold: It allows you to know exactly how many rhinestones you will need, and it will make shaping a seemingly spontaneous design more straightforward. Trust meit is much easier to add or remove a small dot of white liner with a cotton swab and micellar water than to remove a rhinestone and glue from the delicate eye area.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Pick these babies up and apply them to places like your hands, arms, or anywhere else you feel needs a bit of pizzazz prior to attempting them on your face. I find it easier to hold the tweezers the same way you would hold tongs.

Got it? Now let’s begin.

Look 1: What a Fairy Would Wear?

rhinestone eye makeup
Or perhaps Claire Danes’ character would wear this to a costume party in the iconic 1996 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. This look is simple enough to transition from Zoom meetings to unforgettable Zoom karaoke parties.

Noir Lash Tint

Surratt Beauty

Living Luminizer

RMS Beauty
First, I apply a concealer of my choice to my entire lid area to hide any veins or shadows. Then I dab a small amount of setting powder with a sponge to create a dry space for my rhinestone application. Then I use the center shade in the Ciaté London palette as a bright lavender holographic inner-corner highlight. Look straight ahead into the mirror, and plot your white dots to create a sharp shape that will hold for hours.

Next I apply lash glue to my eye with a toothpick. I then apply a size eight clear rhinestone to create my desired shape. I finish the look off by placing a size eleven rhinestone in the corner on the wing to enhance the shapes sharpness.

I continue on with a coat of mascara and then highlight the high points of my face for a lit-from-within glow. I then use a multi-use pigment on my lips and cheeks to create a natural flush, and I finish the entire look off with a mist to add dewiness and to rehydrate the matte skin on my eyes.

Look 2: Primary Colors

rhinestone eye makeup
Red, yellow, and blue are a classic combination, but somewhat unexpected in the beauty world. This look gives them a chance to shine and looks great with any eye color.

Noir Lash Tint

Surratt Beauty
First I conceal the eye area and gently dab translucent setting powder to help it stay dry. Then I plot a constellation of dots with white liquid liner all along my lid until I reach an arrangement I like. Then I use yellow rhinestones from the multicolor set and place them in various parts of my base constellation, following with the blue and red. I apply a size nine white rhinestone from the clear color set onto the inner corners of my eyes to act as a highlight.

I let the rhinestones set for about a minute and then mist my eye area to rehydrate, then dab a highlight in my inner-eye corner and along my brown bone. I finish the look off with a heavy coat of mascara to my top and bottom lashes, a hint of blush, and a quick swipe of gloss.

Look 3: Monochromatic Disco

rhinestone eye makeup
A pink monochromatic makeup look is one of my go-tos on days when I simply do not know what to wear. It brightens my face and helps me look put together, no matter how exhausted I feel that day. Join me in elevating this classic look with a few gems.
Revlon’s shadow-and-liner duo is stellar, lasts all day, and is crazy affordable. For this look, I first use the shadow side of the duo and apply it to my lids, using my fingers to blend the product out to my crease, until I achieve an even wash of color. Next I apply the glitter liner to my entire lid and blend that out to my crease, as well.

As far as the rhinestones are concerned, I work with brown, pale yellow, pink, and clear rhinestones from both sets. I choose size three, six, and eight gems of each colored rhinestone, and size nine and eleven gems from the clear set, arranging them from largest to smallest. Finally, I use the size eleven clear gems in the negative spaces between the larger rhinestones just to add a bit of sparkle.

I apply the RMS Master Radiance Base to the high points of my face and follow that with a simple coat of mascara and swirl of petal blush onto my cheekbones. I then finish the look off with a quick dab of pink lipstick.

Look 4: Feeling Blue

rhinestone eye makeup
A vibrant blue liner is one of my favorite ways to add a pop of color to my look without going overboard. If you’re feeling down, I promise this will cheer you up in no time.
First I apply the concealer and translucent powder to my lids. Then, with my MAC 210 brush, I begin to draw my liner onto my lid in short and thin strokes. That will help you to create a sharp line.

After my liner dries down completely, I apply the periwinkle rhinestones to my eyes and wait for them to dry as well. I follow this with a face mist and two coats of mascara to give a little oomph to this otherwise minimal look.

I then apply Aquaphor to the high points of my face and near my inner corner and brow bone to add a mirrorlike glow. Then I swipe on a crème blush to reintroduce some color to my face and finish with a high-shine lip oil.

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