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5 Fall Manicure Ideas Inspired by Our Favorite Travel Destinations

From the countryside of Croatia to Tokyo nightlife, consider these all the fall manicure ideas you need.

As we dream of all the things we’d rather be doing than sitting at home this fall, one thing remains at the top of our fantasies: travel. We miss boarding flights to far-flung destinations, and we long for the moment when we will be able to immerse ourselves in rich cultures worldwide once more. Suffice it to say we’ll continue to stream travel shows endlessly, dabble in some Rosetta Stone to jog our memories of the language courses we took in college, and allow our untamed wanderlust to inspire our beauty routines—specifically, our nails.

Think about it—you’ve probably already explored every single polish combination under the sun during your at-home manicures, so why not let some of our all-time favorite travel spots influence your polish color palette? Here are five breathtaking cities and destinations that are inspiring our next manicures.

Tokyo, Japan

Areas of Tokyo like Akihabara remind us of the beauty of juxtaposing a neutral palette with rich, vibrant colors. As we transition into fall wardrobes full of greys, blacks, and subdued shades of brown, we can help keep these looks from feeling too one-note with a bright pop of color on our nails,  just as Tokyo’s vibrant lights brighten up the city at night. Consider a shocking pink manicure to pair with brown snakeskin boots.

Gel Lab Pro in Passion

Deborah Lippmann

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Like most people, we find solace in nature. Yellowstone National Park is home to trees such as Douglas fir, whitebark pine, and Engelmann spruce, all of which create a perfect medley of peaceful green. If you ask us, this, along with watching brown bison graze the fields at sunset, sounds like heaven on Earth, but in case you’re not able to make the journey west, a gorgeous ombre nail with complementary colors will hold you over just fine.

Valparaíso, Chile

This coastal city in Chile is as beautiful as it is inspiring. Whether visiting La Sebastiana Museo de Pablo Neruda or walking along the Pacific Coast, you are bound to see pops of mustard, coral, and deep teals that will inspire you to explore some outside-the-box hues for your next manicure.

Dallol, Ethiopia

Although this part of Ethiopia holds the world record of being the hottest place on Earth, its beauty is captivating enough to inspire not just our next manicure but also our manicures of the entire upcoming season. We love the idea of pairing rusty oranges, lime greens, and deep teals with a classic black turtleneck and high-waisted blue jeans.

Zagorje, Croatia

We absolutely adore Croatia’s coastline, with its sapphire-blue waters and lazy summer days that melt into easygoing nights. However, as the cooler months approach, we’re dreaming of another part of the country: the countryside of Northern Croatia. Zagorje is home to quaint farmhouses with burgundy roofs and vibrant yellow churches that stick out of rolling fields of emerald green grass. Sounds like the ideal fall color combo, in our opinion.
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