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12 Stylish Sun Shirts and Rash Guards to Help Prevent Sun Damage

Your clothes can provide UVA/UVB protection, too.

Hopefully a few of you are indulging in days at the beach, with soft sand between your toes and refreshing dips in the ocean. Although listening to the sound of crashing waves for hours on end is soothing, we can’t forget that an afternoon spent in the sun at the beach or pool is prime time for sun damage. With light reflecting off the water and little to no trees to provide shade, sometimes that layer of sunscreen isn’t enough to keep your skin protected. That’s where handy sun shirts and rash guards come in. Not only do they block harmful UVA/UVB rays from reaching your skin (many have UV protection of 50 and above), but they can also help keep you cool in the heat.

Whether you’re learning to surf or simply listening to podcasts poolside, stay safe this summer with 12 of our favorite (and functional) styles. Trust us—they’re way cuter than a sunburn.

Dawson Rashguard

Carve Designs
$52 $26

Catarina Sun Top

$55 $27
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