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Your July 2020 Horoscopes Are Here!

One step at a time.

Rachel Pickus

July is a whirlwind of mixed signals; it’s up to us to thoughtfully decode them and adjust accordingly. This month offers opportunities for reflection and action, preservation and progress, memoriam and momentum. The sun traverses through the expressive sign of Cancer until July 22nd, inspiring reflection and stirring up strong sentiments. Accept the waves of emotion as they come, but don’t give them the power to determine every choice you make. With a retrograde Mercury clouding communications until July 12th, it may be prudent to listen more than speak. The ruler of direct action—Mars—moves into its home sign of Aries at the end of June, staying there for the rest of the year. Everyone, fire signs especially, will be feeling more animated and forthright. Saturn, the planet of authority and restrictions, reaches a critical point on July 1st. This atmosphere of insightful discomfort is heightened by a lunar eclipse on July 5th, gearing us up for a new era of involvement and accountability.

While the first half of the month may be stormy, the clouds will disperse and a silver lining can be found. July 22nd marks the start of Leo season, bringing creativity, passion, and fortitude to the forefront. Despite the month’s turbulence, the planets emphasize that hope and idealism are valuable resources. Striving for a better future shouldn’t be naive, but rather the norm.


Find the difference between busy versus productive. Mars, the planet of initiative, will be in your sign until 2021, galvanizing you to take action—the question becomes, action towards what? July kicks off a six-month story surrounding your independence and willpower. Embrace your natural moxie, and channel your energy into worthy projects. The fertile new moon on July 20th is a chance to plant your figurative seeds and get off on the right foot.


Dig in, or uproot? July urges you to keep asking the hard questions and broadening your viewpoints. It’s OK to change your mind when presented with new information. The dynamic lunar eclipse on the 5th challenges you to shake up your routine and see the world from a different perspective. There are abundant opportunities to learn a new skill or take the next step in your education, formal or informal.


After a bustling birthday season, you’re ready to take stock of your surroundings. What are you really hungry for? There’s no wrong answer. Honor the spectrum of your emotions without judgment. When your ruler, Mercury, finishes its retrograde on July 12th, you’ll feel more lucid about the next steps to take. The end of the month is ideal for envisioning and sharing your unique perspective; make sure you pace yourself to avoid running out of steam.


Your birthday season has arrived with a bang. As multiple planets transit your sign this summer, your energy and vitality are heightened. July is prime for wrapping up any unfinished business that’s been nagging you so that you’re able to make headway on your goals. The new moon in Cancer on July 20th is the dawn of whatever you want it to be—commit to your dreams, and make yourself a priority.


Lights, camera, action! Your vibrant season arrives July 22nd, bestowing extra exuberance and insight to all Leos. With a boost from fiery Mars, you are primed to tackle any challenges coming your way. In between your adventures, make time for some much-needed rest and rumination. It’s becoming more apparent that old ways won’t open new doors—it’s up to you to chart the course that will usher in the future.


If you can’t calm the storm, then calm yourself. July may give you a bit of mental whiplash, but it could be the momentum you need to get “unstuck.” Mercury finishing its retrograde on July 12th nudges you towards action and gets the gears turning again. Transmute your energy into something tangible and measurable. Don’t assume that you have to do the work alone; you’re much more likely to succeed when you have the support of others.


Enjoy the process of becoming. July’s astrology helps you get to the root of everything, especially the lunar eclipse on the 5th activating the deepest part of your chart. You may be tempted to critique your progress—but this chapter is necessary, as uncomfortable as it is. Treat yourself with compassion as you work out the details of your future. The new moon on July 20th is an excellent opportunity to affirm your autonomy and embrace your ambitions.


So much potential lies within our daily routines—don’t take it for granted. July’s astrology encourages you to refine and reassess your everyday habits and patterns once and for all. Identify the “little” stuff you have control over, and commit to managing it more consciously. There is plenty of magic in the mundane just waiting to be realized. The new moon on July 20th invites you to invest in your ambitions—do something your future self will thank you for.


How do you sustain a flame? July brings passion and motivation, but the challenge is to avoid burnout. Your inspiration can be more than a flash in the pan if you find thoughtful ways to distribute and replenish your energy over the next six months. With both the sun and Mars traveling through fire signs in the second half of July, impulsivity and creativity are heightened. Ground yourself through a healthy balance of work and play.


This month you’re challenged to find comfort in being uncomfortable. With a lunar eclipse in your sign on July 5th, there is an opportunity to close a chapter on your own terms so that you can start anew. With all the feisty fire in the cosmos, focus on deliberately responding rather than simply reacting. While your earthy nature prefers having everything mapped out, unexpected times of transition provide the catalyst we need to grow.


It may go without saying, but expect the unexpected this month. July’s astrology spotlights your communication and creative sectors; if you’re filled with inspiration, strike while the iron is hot. You may be more sociable or active; the challenge is to cultivate a balance between building bridges and setting clear boundaries. The last of the month is fruitful for forming new relationships and bolstering old ones.


July is a chance to root yourself in the here and now and engage all five senses. What helps you feel fully awake? The new moon in Cancer on July 20th compels you to appreciate and use your talents: cook, dance, sing, organize, paint, dream, write, feel. This month offers more traction for turning your visions into a reality. When life gets messy, remember that there is so much you can control and so much you can contribute. 

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