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Our 5 Favorite Sunglasses Trends to Wear This Summer

A range of shapes for every style.

By: Camille Freestone

Sunglasses, a true summer essential, are a supremely easy way to add some intrigue to your look without too much effort or dropping a lot of cash. A really cool pair of shades instantly elevates something as simple as shorts and a tank top—an outfit many of us gravitate towards this time of year. The trendiest styles this season span the spectrum from classic to eccentric. In other words, don’t panic if you aren’t up for trying those oversized bedazzled frames or a purple-tinted micro style. There’s something here for everybody.

Below are our five favorite trends we’ve spotted everywhere from the runways to the streets to our Instagram feeds.



Minimalist Frames


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This style is defined by simple wire framing and is extremely versatile. They’re also more lightweight, perfect if you have sensitive ears, and will simply never go out of style.

Retro Oversized Shapes



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Inspired by labels like Gucci with a flair for the eccentric, these quirky granny-style frames add an element of fun to any look. Seventies-inspired looks aren’t going anywhere, so consider these sunnies an easy way to test out the trend.

Skinny Rectangles


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A throwback to the early aughts, these rectangular frames are fashion-forward yet flattering. Hey, every supermodel can’t be wrong about them, can they?



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A few seasons ago, Hedi Slimaine’s debut collection for Celine convinced us all that we need to be donning this classic style every day. We love adding a slightly menswear-inspired style to an otherwise feminine outfit for a bit of contrast.

Modern Cat Eyes


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A new take on the classic cat eye, these frames are a little more angular, a little less feminine than what we’re used to. If you can’t visit Paris for the time being, you can at least channel your inner French girl with one of these styles.

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