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The Chic Alternative to Super-Short Shorts

Plus, how to style them.

Slowly but surely, the temperature is creeping upwards here in NYC *knock on wood*. With an increase in temperature comes an increase in skin exposure—sleeves get shorter, our turtlenecks are put to rest, and inevitably, hemlines rise. The question is: How far will they go this season? The crop-top-and-short-shorts look is sadly not the most office-appropriate option. And aside from the fact that most super-short shorts aren’t exactly flattering, they typically aren’t very comfortable, either. Our proposed solution: LONG shorts.

Within the realm of long shorts, there are a variety of styles. Of course, the super-trendy version that comes to mind is the bike short, but that is by no means the only option. If you’re looking for something a little less casual, we recommend a tailored bermuda pair. For a hot summer day where you don’t want any fabric at all touching you, opt for a wider leg, maybe with a paper-bag waist. The options are abundant, and each style has unique styling potential to boot.

Runway Inspiration:

The fall ’19 runways offered a very polished take on the long shorts trend. When designers styled them for cooler weather, they were often shown with sweaters, coats, and even tights.

Trend Interpretation:

In a Suit Set: This is the perfect solution to summer workwear—think the female version of Thom Browne’s shorts suit. The ensemble is polished but not too stuffy and will hopefully bring a little reprieve temperature-wise from the traditional pantsuit.

Bike Shorts and a Blazer: Bike shorts can be a tough trend to pull off; however, layering them under a boxy blazer that falls below the hips is a way to make them appear a little less Tour de France.

Funky Print: A fun print is an easy way to amp up an outfit, which is hard to do when it’s too hot to layer. All a pair like this needs is some basics—a simple sweater, tee, or blouse—and a fun pair of strappy sandals.
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