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Summer Sips: Drink Ideas from 7 Fashion Insiders

What they’re drinking right now.

By: Kristin Tice Studeman

It seems everyone has become their own bartender/barista these days, and what better time to up your drink game than the (hopefully) relaxing summer months? (There’s no one to blame here but yourself when your cocktail or your matcha latte isn’t up to snuff.) We checked in with seven friends of Coveteur to see what they’ve been concocting during quarantine and what they’re planning to enjoy this summer. Here, they share their favorite drinks (some boozy, some booze-free) of the moment. Cheers!



Yana Volfson, Beverage Director, Cosme, ATLA, and Ticuchi

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summer drinks

“I’ve been drinking a lot of mezcal—as part of our takeout and delivery offerings at ATLA and Cosme, we’re sharing a couple of our favorite agave spirits. There are some bottles on the menu that you can’t get anywhere else in the States, and I’ve been enjoying revisiting them. When you order a bottle from us, the mezcal comes with our house-made sal de gusano (worm salt) and fresh fruit. Besides sipping mezcal on its own, I’ve also been leaning on my hot chocolate recipe, which is spiked with mezcal—I was drinking it when it was cold and rainy for two months straight.”


Mezcal y Mota y Agua de Cacao



150 g maple syrup
90 g cocoa powder (regular)
10 g dark cocoa powder
10 g cocoa butter
1 oz mezcal



1. Heat your pan to medium, and toast 40 g cinnamon until you start to smell the aroma.

2. Add two quarts of water, bring to a boil, and simmer on low for two hours.

3. Melt down 10 g of cocoa butter, and add 150 g maple syrup, 90 g cocoa powder, 10 g jet-black cocoa.

4. Whisk together until smooth, and simmer over low heat for another 20 minutes.

5. Remove from heat, and add one ounce of mezcal to the cup of hot cocoa to spike it.



Emily Holt, Owner, Hero Shop

“For Fridays (or as needed), Ina Garten’s margaritas. For treating-myself wine, Flowers Pinot Noir, and for normal-days wine, a few bottles from Biondivino here in SF. But what’s really been getting me through are nightly sunset walks on Ocean Beach (I’m lucky enough to live across the street from it) with a light, easy mix of Lo-Fi’s Gentian Amaro (tastes hibiscus-y and not at all sweet) with seltzer/sparkling water and a slice of whatever citrus I have on hand. The portions are to your liking. Some nights it’s more amaro than water, others it’s more water than amaro. It’s not an exact science.”


Amaro & Seltzer



Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro
Seltzer or sparkling water
A slice of citrus, for serving


Peter Som, Creative Director & Fashion Designer, Peter Som


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summer drinks

“As much as I love the classic Aperol Spritz, I also love tequila, so I married the two (and simplified). This is a tequila Aperol with grapefruit seltzer. I love the subtle hint of citrus from the grapefruit seltzer (OK, it’s La Croix) along with the slight bitterness from the Aperol. Oh, and tequila is an upper, so all in all, a sip of this drink is a refreshing good time.”


Tequila, Aperol with Seltzer



1 part Aperol
2 parts tequila
3 parts seltzer


Pia Baroncini, Creative Director, LPA

“These are the more expensive versions of the alcohol you need, but any gin and Campari are fine! The trick is making sure there is an equal amount of each liquor, one big ice rock, and the orange peel.”


The Perfect Negroni



1¼ oz Aperitivo Cappelletti
1¼ oz Monkey 45 Gin
1¼ oz Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
Orange peel, for serving



1. Pour in glass over the big rock and stir, stir, stir.

2. Once it’s cold, blended, and the ice slightly melts, you’re in heaven.

3. Garish with an orange peel (I twist mine before tossing into the glass).


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summer drinks

“I love taking a classic cocktail, like a Moscow Mule, and giving it a modern twist by making a delicious homemade ginger-kaffir lime syrup and topping it off with fizzy club soda to give it the right amount of effervescence. To me, it’s a refreshing escape while in quarantine.”


Ginger-Kaffir Lime Moscow Mule



2 oz vodka
1½ oz fresh lime juice
¼ cup ginger-kaffir lime syrup
¼ cup club soda
crystallized ginger
lime wedge or wheel

For the ginger-kaffir lime syrup:

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
3" fresh ginger, peeled
1 kaffir lime leaf or zest of 1 whole lime
1 ginger tea bag



1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar, water, ginger root, kaffir lime leaf, and ginger tea bag.

2. Place the saucepan over medium heat, and simmer gently until the sugar is completely dissolved.

3. Remove from heat and let it cool for 23 hours. Discard the ginger root, kaffir lime, and ginger tea bag.

4. To make the cocktail: Fill ice in a tall Collins glass; pour vodka, lime juice, and ginger-kaffir lime syrup, and stir. Top with club soda. Garnish with fresh lime wheel and crystallized ginger.


Dr. Amy Wechsler, Dermatologist, Dr. Amy Wechsler Dermatology

“I am not much of a drinker, so I always love an iced matcha. Green tea has so many health benefits—the antioxidants are catechins and polyphenols (great for the immune system, mood, anti-cancer, anti-aging, etc.), and there is also caffeine and l-theanine.”


Iced Matcha



Ito En’s Matcha
hot water



1. Heat up water, but not to a boil.

2. Next, mix the matcha powder and hot water with a matcha whisk.

3. Pour over ice, and enjoy!


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summer drinks

“Watermelon margaritas remind me of beach days out east with friends! It’s my favorite summer cocktail that I started making a little early this year!”


Watermelon Margarita



1¼ cup blended watermelon
2½ tbsp fresh lime juice
Don Julio Blanco
sea salt/tajin on the rim of the glass!


Top photo: Courtesy of Peter Som


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