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7 Masks to Refresh Your Color and Hydrate Your Hair

Once a week is all you need to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

By: Hannah Baxter

Our at-home hair salon is becoming more and more thorough, even as plans to reopen businesses are slowly coming to fruition. Now that we know how to color our hair from the safety of our bathrooms, we’re more concerned with keeping that shade vibrant and free of brassiness, as well as hydrated. Enter the color-reviving hair mask. The best formulas on the market protect your color (some are even color-depositing for extra-faded shades) while also incorporating nourishing oils, keratin, and vitamin B5 to keep your hair supple and soft. Use some of this extra time at home, and block out just a few minutes each week for your mask session.

Ahead, seven of our favorite color-saving and moisturizing hair masks to shop right now.


Verb Purple Toning + Hydrating Hair Mask, $18

Blondes know that brassiness is only a wash or two away, so to keep your hair looking bright, incorporate a purple toning mask every week. This new treatment banishes dullness while hydrating and strengthening with açai extract and vitamin B5.

Kérastase Reflection Mask for Color-Treated Hair, $56

A French-girl staple, this nourishing mask restores radiance to your color while keeping environmental damage at bay. The added sodium citrate, yuzu, and lychee also neutralize water minerals, which can build up in your hair (especially in certain areas of the world) and make your color look dull.

Blondme Keratin Restore Bonding Mask, $25

Highlighting your hair can cause serious damage if you’re not careful (thank you, bleach), so you definitely need to use masks that can address and restore hydration while also toning. This formula uses integrated bonding technology to repair your hair shaft, nourish, and freshen dull color.

Overtone Purple for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner, $29

If you regularly color your hair, especially in rainbow shades, then you need to become acquainted with Overtone. For brunettes struggling with reddish tones, using this color-depositing conditioner—which is also packed with coconut oil—for 10 to 15 minutes after you wash will keep your shade vibrant and healthy.

Four Reasons Color Mask Hair Toning Treatment in Coffee, $28

You have 17 shades to choose from with this toning mask, which contains keratin derivatives and vitamin B5 to repair damage and smooth frizz. It adds pigments to your hair, making it ideal for severe color fade. If you want a subtler treatment, add it to your daily conditioner to tone and protect.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask, $30

This might look like an average bottle of product, but it actually contains two chambers: one with a deep-conditioning formula, and the other with a color extender that will revive your shade for multiple washes. Just apply for five minutes on towel-dried hair, and then rinse.

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care in Chic Copper, $53

As redheads know, this color fades the quickest, so a color-brightening mask is pretty much non-negotiable. This one fights oxidation and yellowing while also dousing your hair with hydrating almond butter and buriti oil. It also keeps the pH level at 4.5, or slightly acidic, to minimize porosity, which can lead to color fade and dryness.

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