bellesa vibrator giveaway

*Very* Good News—We’re Giving Away Vibrators

Quarantine is about to get much, much better. In collaboration with Bellesa Boutique.

Last month, when Manhattan-based comedian Mary Beth Barone tweeted “I don’t want to bake bread, I want to go outside and have sex,” the response from many was a resounding SAME! No offense to anyone’s sourdough, but if you’re single, sexually active, and currently quarantining solo (or with people you aren’t intimately involved with), social distancing has likely left you…frustrated. Female sexuality platform Bellesa (and their sex toy store, BBoutique) understands, and has thus partnered with us to to give away tons of luxury vibrators.

Pause for celebration!

The measures we’re taking to keep our distance from one another are critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19. So, tempting as it may be to schedule an in-person rendezvous, remember that self-love is always your safest option—and that rings true now more than ever. Enter the Coveteur/Bellesa vibrator giveaway here.


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