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14 Tattoo Artists We’re Currently Stalking on Instagram

Because it’s fun to daydream about your next piece.

There’s no shortage of body ink at the Coveteur offices, with everything from our fingers and ribs to our arms and legs sporting various multicolored and black-and-grey designs. And as anyone who has ever gone under the needle knows, tattoos are exceptionally addictive. Once you get one, a few more inevitably follow over the months and years. Our favorite place to discover new artists is Instagram, given that the social media platform often acts as a digital portfolio for burgeoning tattooers. It’s also a great way to scope out the growing number of female and non-binary artists in the tattoo industry (yay!). Whether you’re in the market for your first tattoo or your fifth, check out 14 of our current favorite artists at the moment.

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St. Kenia

Machine tattoos out of Bushwick, New York. She/Her.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@st.kenia
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