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16 Hand-Poke Tattoo Artists Taking Over Instagram

Book an appointment before the wait list fills up—again.

By: Hannah Baxter
Photography: Ben Ritter

Tattoo trends come and go, but delicate, feminine tattoos will always be a classic. In the depths of our research for our next one, we discovered that hand-poke tattooing—also known as non-electrical, or tattooing without a tattoo machine—has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Many of the new artists on the scene specializing in the method are women, which can make the already intimate experience of getting a tattoo more comfortable for female-identifying clients (although we still love many male artists). With everything from flowers and insects, to hands and geometric shapes as possible designs, there’s no limit as to what this emerging group of tattooers can do. Check out our 16 favorite hand-poke artists below.


Tea Leigh: When we visited Tea at her Greenpoint studio, Welcome Home, last year, we knew she would be a major artist in the hand-poke tattoo scene.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@tealeigh

Kelli Kikcio: As the other half of Welcome Home studio, Kelli is renowned for her delicate still-life tattoos.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@kellikikcio

Jenna Bouma: If you find yourself in South Africa and craving a tattoo, be sure to check our Jenna Bouma.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@slowerblack

Rosa Bluestone Perr: With a months-long waiting list, Rosa has quietly taken over the Brooklyn hand-poke tattoo world.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@bluestonebabe

Evelyn Shaw: Evelyn’s micro tattoos are becoming more popular by the day.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@evelyn.shaw

Cammy: Cammy’s bold floral designs are a huge draw for visiting Montreal in the coming months.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@cammy06

Keara McGraw: Keara is quickly becoming a Chicago staple for her graphic tattoos.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@4thgradegoth

Brooke Herr: If you’re into abstract line work, make an appointment with Brooke ASAP.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@behsticks

Krista Morgenson: Krista is currently an artist-in-residence at Welcome Home in Greenpoint, so run, don’t walk, to get a new piece.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@mothgiirl

Aiyana Yuki: Aiyana has a huge range, from lettering to florals, and is a must-visit the next time you’re in Seattle.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@stickpokers

Avery Osajima: While you’re in Seattle, be sure to look up Avery as well for her ethereal hand-poke designs.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@averykiyo

Penelope Roy: Another Montreal-based artist, Penelope does bold, graphic work that we love.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@_ane.mone_

Sophia Blum: An Oakland, CA, staple, Sophia blends traditional and hand-poke styles seamlessly.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@pio.poke

Ninjabreadboy: Incredible pet portraits are just one of the many talents from Ninjabreadboy.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@ninjabreadboy

Rachel Paton: Impeccable linework makes Rachel Paton a must-visit for your next trip to Denver.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@blackity_black_black

ANN GILBERG: Ann’s private studio in Stuttgart, Germany, is well worth a plane ticket.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@ann_gilberg