16 Hand-Poke Tattoo Artists Taking Over Instagram

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hand poke tattoo artists
Tattoo trends come and go, but delicate, feminine tattoos will always be a classic. In the depths of our research for our next one, we discovered that hand-poke tattooing—also known as non-electrical, or tattooing without a tattoo machine—has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Many of the new artists on the scene specializing in the method are women, which can make the already intimate experience of getting a tattoo more comfortable for female-identifying clients (although we still love many male artists). With everything from flowers and insects, to hands and geometric shapes as possible designs, there’s no limit as to what this emerging group of tattooers can do. Check out our 16 favorite hand-poke artists below.

Tea Leigh: When we visited Tea at her Greenpoint studio, Welcome Home, last year, we knew she would be a major artist in the hand-poke tattoo scene.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@tealeigh
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