january 2020 horoscopes

Your January 2020 Horoscopes Are Here!

Start small.

Hannah Becker
The new decade arrives with gusto, and the planets are helping us set our sights high while keeping both feet firmly on the ground. The hopeful visions we have for the future can be manifested if we take thought-out, deliberate actions and apply small changes where we can. Jupiter entering the sober sign of Capricorn removed any rose-colored glasses we wore in 2019; in 2020, we’re able to see matters for what they truly are. There is a powerful lunar eclipse on January 10th, bringing themes of control, security, and stability to the forefront, especially for cardinal signs. The front half of January will have a more pragmatic tone, culminating on January 12th when Saturn and Pluto conjoin; this time reminds us that weak structures must eventually face the music so that better systems can be put in place. The second half of January provides a breath of fresh air as planets shift into the progressive air sign of Aquarius. The new moon on January 24th is perfect for getting inspired and embarking on your own course, regardless of what others may think. Check your rising and sun sign for a more complete forecast.

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