3 Solo Dance Moves to Do at a Party

3 Solo Dance Moves to Do at a Party

Foolproof (as in, you don’t look like one) moves to bust out on the dance floor, courtesy of Parri$ Goebel.

Alec Kugler
PSA: Dancing in public is scary. On the one hand, it’s fun, even if it’s not alcohol-fueled and you don’t have years of lessons to back you up; but on the other, it requires bucketloads of confidence, especially if done without a wall of friends surrounding you on the dance floor. Plus, there are an infinite number of scenarios we could think of where you might be left solo, awkwardly shimmying shoulders or toe-tapping (whatever your safe movement of choice may be). Like, say, when you somehow get nominated to go head-to-head in a dance battle (um, how did that happen?) and a wave of sheer panic sets in.

Which is why, this time of year, when parties run rampant, we called on expert PARRI$ (whom you may know from the little Justin Bieber music video “Sorry”) to teach us three cool solo moves. Yup, we don’t mess around. And neither does she, because she’s totally upped her club cred with a new EP, Run & Tell Your Friends. “[This EP] feels like an extension of my creativity. It feels natural, and it fits so well into everything else that I do creatively. I direct my own videos and am involved with the creative process, so it only feels right to make music,” PARRI$ told us right before we got to dancing. So scroll down, start practicing in your living room, and stash these three moves in case of a dance-floor emergency.

Dance #1

“When Bae Walks Past”

“Don’t be shy. The cool thing about dance is you can’t take it too seriously; you just have to have fun. Everyone in the world loves to dance, whether you can do it or not, whether you think you can or not, it’s just something to have fun with.”

Dance #2

“I Milly Rock on Any Block”

“[My favorite song to] always dance to is ‘Bojangles’ by Pitbull.”

Dance #3

“The Car Wash”

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