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Your Dream Wedding Dress Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

Lace, tulle, silk, or couture, it's all in the stars.

Your Dream Wedding Dress Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

In theory, finding the perfect dress for your big day is exciting, thrilling, the best. scenario. ever. But most of the time, its downright stressful. Sifting through a sea of fluffy tulle, antique French lace, hand-beaded trains, and choosing between something classic or modern or over-the-top—the pressure! To help narrow down wedding dress options (and guide you to your bridal designer match), we looked to the stars and had our astrologer, Amelia Quint, decipher what they actually mean when it comes to your matrimonial wardrobe. 




With Mars as your planetary ruler, you need a nuptial ensemble that won’t restrict your movement. Relaxed bridal looks are perfect for your wild-child style. Try a simple, raw-edged silk gown with teeny straps and a low back that won’t impede on your dance moves, and for bonus points, slip on a leather jacket over your dress at the end of the night for a twist on the traditional bridal aesthetic. 

Designer match: Reem Acra




Love planet Venus rules your very sensual sign, so you need something truly indulgent to wear on your special day. Choose a dress that projects the regal, heightened aura you’ve always dreamt of having on your wedding day. Honor your earthy side with a latte, cappuccino, or blush-hued ensemble, or go full luxe with a jewel-encrusted or feathered gown. You’ll look like a queen, no matter what you choose.

Designer match:Monique Lhuillier




As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to love Gemini style, your commitment to experimentation is downright impressive. A modern, sculptural silhouette is perfect for the fashion-conscious Gemini who wants to stand out from the pack. Flower appliques, miles of tulle, and statement accessories appeal to your playful sensibilities while balancing out your natural trompe l’oeil aesthetic. Your dual-natured sign will be in heaven.

Designer match:Viktor & Rolf




With the moon as your planetary ruler, it’s no secret you’re going to be very sentimental about your wedding day. For a timeless dress with a personal touch, go vintage! As a natural introvert, you may not love big gatherings, but a beautiful reworked gown will give you the confidence boost you need to survive being the center of attention—and maybe even enjoy it, too. A soft fabric is also a must, especially with your sign’s trademark sensitive skin. It is possible to feel as good as you look, we promise.

Designer match:Shareen




As the zodiac’s performer, you’ve been planning your wedding dress since before you can remember, and you need a dress that lives up to the hype. Choose a bold, dramatic gown that will look perfect on you when you take center stage. An over-the-top combination of lace, beads, sequins, and pearls will be just eye-catching enough to satisfy your standards.

Designer match:Naeem Khan




If there’s one thing your sign does well, it’s simplicity, and you need a wedding gown that follows suit. For your big day, you’ve dreamed of a look that’s supremely graceful, reveling in its own chic elegance. Angelic, goddess-like silhouettes look heavenly on you. Opt for something translucent that clings in all the right places while still maintaining a sense of propriety. It’s sexy without being garish, the perfect Virgo aesthetic.

Designer match:Delpozo




As the sign of beauty, it’s safe to say you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for a *loooong* time. As much as you’re excited to be spending the rest of your life with your lover, you’re also obsessed with the little touches that go along with the big day. Choose an opulent, rose-garden-inspired gown, complete with floral lace and gossamer-like layers. Your inner romantic will be enthralled.

Designer match:Elie Saab




With alluring Pluto as your planetary ruler, you need a dress that will captivate your audience with its magnetic appeal. In true Scorpio fashion, you embrace your inner rebel in a wedding ensemble with edge. Like you, it’s more eccentric than the average bridal look, but you didn’t want to fit in anyway. Only a dramatic gown will satisfy you, replete with gem-colored touches, satin ribbons, and ruby jewels.

Designer match:Jenny Packman




As the most cosmopolitan sign of the zodiac, you have a reputation to uphold when it comes to your bridal look. Where to find a gown that honors both your love of luxury *and* your bohemian spirit? Dress for your wedding like a bonafide French girl. Vintage embroidery and antique lace give the overall aesthetic an Old World feel, but the simple silhouettes feel modern. It’s the perfect balance.

Designer match:Laure de Sagazan




Your no-nonsense sign isn’t a fan of all the bridal fuss. You need a straightforward ensemble, complete with sleek collars, sharp pleats, and slim lines that serious Saturn, your planetary ruler, would love. Power dressing is your forte, and your wedding day shouldn’t be any different. Choose an uncomplicated silk shift that lets you be the real star, or opt out of the dress entirely with a blouse-and-trousers combo that’s as elegant as any gown.

Designer match:Carolina Herrera




While there’s been a recent boom in brides seeking “alternative” looks for their big day, you, Aquarius, have been pushing the nuptial envelope all along. The fact that you’re even opting to tie the knot is notable, and you need an ensemble that plays up your unconventional approach. Turn bridal style on its head with bright colors, metallic jackets, and lots of sequins. It’s wedding style for the Age of Aquarius!

Designer match:Houghton




As the zodiac’s artist, you’re looking for a gown that’s as much an individual as you are. You’ll feel right at home with a whimsical aesthetic that blends imaginative embellishments with couture craftsmanship. Your philosophy? Each dress is a journey you two take together, so if you’re looking for a kindred spirit in bridal style, an ethereal look will be the perfect fit. The more otherworldly, the better.

Designer match:Samuelle Couture

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