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Add to Cart: Vintage Fashion Finds That Are Perfect for Spring

Our picks from Prada, Gucci, CHANEL, and more that you can wear right now.

There are tons of benefits to incorporating vintage pieces into your spring wardrobe: the opportunity to have authentic versions of trends that are now back in style, the ability to own pieces that nobody else has, the sustainable nature of circular fashion—the list goes on. If you're a seasoned vintage shopper, you're surely already familiar with 1stDibs, and if you're new to the game, the site is a great place to get started. While you may notice a strong '70s theme in our picks for the perfect vintage pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe this spring, 1stDibs is home to incredible finds spanning from all decades, brands, and price points. Not only are there stunning pieces to be found, but the deals can also be unbelievable, and who doesn't love a good steal on an ultra-rare designer piece? See our picks below for perfect vintage pieces that will fit seamlessly into your spring wardrobe right now.

1980s Jewel Silk Scarf

Christian Dior

Tortoise Lucite Belt Necklace

Yves Saint Laurent

Cream Tone Wide Brim Hat

Yves Saint Laurent
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