These High-Profile Men Have All Been Fired Since the Harvey Weinstein News Broke

They’re finally being held accountable for their actions.

By: Corynne Cirilli

It started with Harvey Weinstein. Each day since the New York Times published their investigative piece into the predatory producer’s sordid history has seen another new allegation of sexual harassment, assault, and coercion from every corner of Hollywood. The response was a chorus cry for justice, which lead to the viral #metoo campaign where women (and men) from all walks of life shared the stories of their experiences with harassment and abuse. In weeks since, more high-profile men have come under fire for misconduct, inappropriate behavior, and sexual-harassment-related allegations, and many have thankfully (finally) suffered the consequences for their actions. Below, we outline all the men who have been fired from their high-power jobs in the wake of the Weinstein allegations.


Terry Richardson

Publishing heavyweight Condé Nast (Vogue, Vanity Fair) revealed Monday they had barred all publications internationally from working with controversial photographer Terry Richardson. An email from Condé Nast COO James Woolhouse was published by the Telegraph, stating that all unpublished work by Richardson—who has been accused of sexually harassing models—should be killed.

The email stated: “I am writing to you on an important matter. Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson. Any shoots that have been commissioned or any shoots that have been completed but not yet published, should be killed and substituted with other material. Please could you confirm that this policy will be actioned in your market effective immediately.”

A representative for Richardson told the Daily Beast, “He is an artist who has been known for his sexually explicit work[...]so many of his professional interactions with subjects were sexual and explicit in nature but all of the subjects of his work participated consensually.”


Bill O’Reilly

He’s already been fired from Fox—and now Bill O’Reilly has been dropped by his talent agency, as well. UTA (United Talent Agency) announced they would no longer be representing the conservative host in light of new reports that he paid $32 million to settle a previously undisclosed sexual harassment claim. The Hollywood Reporter revealed several UTA clients urged the agency to drop O’Reilly after reports surfaced claiming he and Fox News paid $13 million to settle several harassment claims.


Lockhart Steele

Vox Media employees were informed on Thursday, via Slack, that the company had fired its editorial director, Lockhart Steele. Days after a post on Medium was published which detailed the inappropriate actions a female developer at the company had experienced, Vox CEO Jim Bankoff said Steele (the founder and former CEO of Curbed, which had been acquired by Vox Media in 2013) had been terminated effective immediately.


Roy Price

One of the first powerful men to fall after news of Harvey’s misconduct was Amazon studio head Roy Price. Amazon suspended Price after harassment allegations from The Man in the High Castle executive producer Isa Hackett were brought forth. Price allegedly told Hackett several times, “You will love my dick,” and once approached her at a party and loudly said, “Anal sex!” into her ear. Price ultimately resigned. Amazon also announced they were reviewing their “options for the projects we have with The Weinstein Co.”


Chris Savino

Chris Savino, creator of Nickelodeon’s hit Loud House, was fired by the network’s parent company, Viacom, after multiple women came forward with sexual harassment allegations against him. Up to a dozen women accused Savino of “sexual harassment, unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior.” The animator allegedly also threatened to “blacklist” female colleagues after consensual relationships ended.


Andy Signore

Screen Junkies and Honest Trailers creator Andy Signore has been “fired effective immediately,” Defy Media announced Sunday evening. Several women accused Signore of sexual harassment, and at least one said he attempted to sexually assault her. The abuse reportedly lasted for decades, but the termination came on the heels of Harvey Weinstein’s firing by the Weinstein Company. Defy Media, the company that owns Screen Junkies, said the “scope and magnitude of [Signore’s] inappropriate actions became apparent” only recently and resulted in his termination.


John Besh

Twenty-five women have come forward accusing celebrity chef John Besh of sexual harassment, forcing the New Orleans-based chef to resign from his namesake restaurant group. The current or former employees of the business claimed male bosses in the Besh Restaurant Group “touched or verbally harassed them and, in a few cases, tried to leverage positions of authority for sex.”  New Orleans media outlets said Besh’s departure from the business he co-owns was announced to employees Monday. Shannon White, the woman stepping in as CEO, sent an email to staff saying, “John has decided to step down from all aspects of operations and to provide his full focus on his family.”


Cosmo Goss

Chicago-based restaurant group One Off Hospitality fired Cosmo Goss, the executive chef of five popular Chicago-area Publican restaurants. The action comes on the heels of an incident “that violated a staff member’s privacy and respect,” according to a statement from the restaurant group referring to a time when an employee shared a personal photo of another employee with co-workers. Goss never reported the incident. In his statement, Goss says his response to the photo was a “fleeting moment that was wholly unprofessional and unacceptable.” He wrote that he is “deeply sorry to the woman portrayed in the photograph and the other individuals whom these consequences have affected.”


Rupert Myers

He was a feminist writer for British GQ, but Rupert Myers was fired by the magazine after a woman accused him via Twitter of sexual assaulting her outside a bar.  “Having been made aware of some allegations against Rupert Myers, British GQ can confirm that it has terminated its freelance agreement with him, with immediate effect. He is no longer British GQ’s Political Correspondent,” a spokesperson told the media. Myers apologized to his accuser.


Tyler Grasham

Hollywood agency APA has fired Tyler Grasham following sexual assault claims which were leveled against the agent. “Tyler Grasham’s employment with APA has been terminated, effective immediately,” Manfred Westphal, head of communications for APA, said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. Former clients, including Blaise Godbe Lipman and Cameron Boyce, claim that Grasham assaulted them when they were under the age of 18 and seeking representation.  


Leon Wieseltier

On Tuesday, allegations of “workplace misconduct” were launched against Leon Wieseltier, the former literary editor of The New Republic and contributing editor to The Atlantic, which was planning to release a culture magazine helmed by Wieseltier. “Upon receiving information related to past inappropriate workplace conduct, Emerson Collective ended its business relationship with Leon Wieseltier, including a journal planned for publication under his editorial direction. The production and distribution of the journal has been suspended,” a spokesperson for the group told The Atlantic. “For my offenses against some of my colleagues in the past I offer a shaken apology and ask for their forgiveness,” Wieseltier said in a statement, first reported by Politico. “The women with whom I worked are smart and good people. I am ashamed to know that I made any of them feel demeaned and disrespected. I assure them that I will not waste this reckoning.”


Robert Scoble

Tech blogger and evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned from the Transformation Group, a “mixed reality” consulting firm he co-founded, after multiple allegations of sexual assault were brought to light. Last Thursday, a blog post by journalist Quinn Norton was published, followed by more allegations next day. Scoble published a Facebook post Friday evening saying he was “deeply sorry to the people I’ve caused pain to” and acknowledging that he had “behaved in ways that were inappropriate.”


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