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We Got Ready with Young M.A

Talking fashion and playing NBA2K before the rapper’s NYC show.

Alec Kugler
All it took was a single phrase, “Ooouuu” from Young M.A’s debut single, for the world to fall in love with her. Now, three years later, the 27-year-old artist is touring the U.S. on the heels of her debut album, Herstory in the Making. Ahead of last night’s New York show, she invited us over to her Jersey apartment to hang while she got ready for her gig.

M.A hit pause on her Xbox game to open the door for us. She was in sweatpants, her tour tee, and Ellesse slides—and seemed unfazed and chill about having strangers sit in while her hairstylist, Sarah, started a fresh set of braids. While getting her hair done, she sat in a red leather styling chair that was perfectly situated in front of her TV, red Xbox controller in hand, playing NBA 2K (on the Chicago Bulls, for those wondering) while simultaneously chatting with us. As serums were worked into her hair and the hair dryer blew, M.A stopped the game to give us a full breakdown of the Manière de Voir denim outfit she was going to wear for the show.

Once her hair was done and the outfit was on, M.A topped it all off with a pair of fresh straight-out-of-the-box black Timbs (it was only right for the New York show, she told us) and a light shower of Dior Sauvage cologne, her signature scent. After snapping a few photos and sipping a bit of red wine, we all piled into a sprinter to head to the Bowery Ballroom. As we rode into Manhattan with Max YB playing over the speakers, we realized the whole shoot was just as laid-back and chill as M.A described her getting-ready style.

Click through to read more about her shopping habits, skin-care routine, Kweens Foundation, and when we can expect to see more tour dates.

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On if she’s ever been gifted something crazy from a fan:

“Everything was always thoughtful. I’ve been gifted the Dior cologne because they’ve seen it in my videos, I’ve been gifted canvas art, good luck candles, blessing candles—stuff like that. There’s never been nothing that was crazy like some panties or something.”
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