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Cold Weather Styling Secrets to Keep You Warm All Winter

Don’t pack away that miniskirt just yet.

winter style tips

As a California girl, I don’t think my extremities ever thawed during my first New York winter. I would run around midtown for my fashion internship with the icy wind cutting through my H&M coat like it was made of gauze. I still have my first puffer—a dupe of the viral Amazon jacket—that I impulse bought on Canal Street. Since then, I typically stay swaddled in wool and down from November to mid-March. (Needless to say, I am thrilled for this balaclava trend.) However, sometimes you don’t want to leave the house in what amounts to a fashionable sleeping bag. Whether you are going for a night out (and the ‘ole cocktail jacket isn’t cutting it) or simply want to broaden your cold weather wardrobe options, here are some sneaky styling tips to keep you warm this winter.

Base layers

For God’s sake, get yourself some thermal underwear if you don’t have any already. Stylist Sam Weir recommends Uniqlo’s Heattech. “They are super tight, so I layer them under everything, even under my jeans when it’s super cold.” In winter, my base layers are practically a second skin. Some thermal turtlenecks are cute enough to wear alone as a top or you can simply wear them under an outfit.

Silk Underwear

L.L. Bean

Creative tights layering


Reply to @kool.chick and theyre soft so it’s more comfortable than regular tights

♬ original sound - Elizabeth Fortmeyer

Miniskirts are back and TikTok has the answer for how to indulge in this trend in the winter. Elizabeth Fortmeyer (@elizabethfortmeyer) had a brilliant style tip go viral earlier this year: Get yourself fleece-lined tights that roughly match your skin tone, then wear them under a pair of sheer black tights. As the TikTok sound goes, know one will ever know.

Stock up on Hothands

In the winter, I just keep Hothands packs in my purse. When I’m cold, I put them everywhere: down my boots, tucked into my sweater, in my pockets. Turns out there are reusable packs and rechargable electric warmers as well, which might be a nice stocking-stuffer for your friends with poor circulation.

The sports bra tuck

Now for another TikTok style tip, this time from @jojohnsonnoverby. This one may seem a little crazy, but it allowed me to stroll around Central Park last weekend in a silk midi dress I typically only wear in the spring and summer. First, put on the dress in question (perhaps with the double tights trick above). Then, put a sports bra on top of that. Finally, layer a cozy sweater on top, tucking the bottom of the sweater into the band of the sports bra. This crops the sweater and gives you a waist without sacrificing warmth.

Visit your cobbler

As it starts to snow, an easy way to stay warm is to ensure all your shoes are weatherproofed and that the shafts of your boots fit properly. If you have wet feet, it’s over—doesn’t matter how many layers of Heattech you’re wearing.

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